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Associates of Cape Cod Endotoxin Detection

Endotoxin Testing and Detection Products By Associates Of Cape Cod

image representing associates of cape cod endotoxin detection testing challenge vials and kitsAssociates of Cape Cod manufacture the highest quality endotoxin detection and glucan detection products for the pharmaceutical industry. Cleanroom Connection has teamed up with Associates of Cape Cod to offer these endotoxin detection products including endotoxin challenge vials, tests and related products.

Whether you are performing Chromogenic, Turbidimetric or Gel-Clot LAL testing methods, Cleanroom Connection offers the proper Associates of Cape Cod endotoxin testing products. Chromogenic and Turbidimetric endotoxin testing methods offer the greatest sensitivity, which allows detection of low endotoxin concentrations and greater dilutions of your sample. This is important for overcoming the possibility of interference.

If you are new to endotoxin detection and testing, simply call Cleanroom Connection and we will put you in touch with our in-house technical expert at Associates of Cape Cod.


Endotoxin Detection

image representing endotoxin testing and detection products from associates of cape cod

Endotoxin detection and testing products are in stock and available for immediate shipment. Choose from a complete selection of Associates of Cape Cod endotoxin testing kits and detection products.

Glucan Detection

image representing glucan detection testing products from associates of cape cod

Glucan detection and glucan testing products from Associates of Cape Cod include the Glucatell Assay Kit, which is an easy-to-use product. The Glucatell glucan detection system was developed for research purposes and is designed to improve pyrogen testing.

LAL Reagents

image representing lal test from associates of cape cod

Limus Amebocyte Lysate or LAL tests are used to detect and quantify bacterial endotoxins from the outer membrane of gram negative bacteria. Associates of Cape Cod offers a complete selection of LAL tests for gel-clot, turbidimetric and chromogenic test methods.