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Clean Room Supplies From Cleanroom Connection

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Our Experts Help You Choose Clean Room Supplies

Cleanroom Connection has been supplying the nation’s leading critical environment facilities with top quality clean room supplies for the past 12 years. Our cleanroom-trained consultants have evaluated and personally experienced using thousands of clean room supplies and apparel products.

Clean room environments are becoming more and more essential in manufacturing industries including sterile compounding, medical device manufacturing, food manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics manufacturing, as well as other sensitive technology industries. Working with an experienced clean room supplier who can recommend the proper clean room supplies for your industry as well as your specific clean room environment protocols, is imperative to help you reduce costs when stocking or restocking. Depending on the cleanliness rating and applications taking place in your critical environment, certain products are required to be worn and used to clean, whereas others are prohibited. Our Cleanroom Connection experts are familiar with the various industry protocols and can guide you to select the right products that work well together.

Complete Line of Sterile Clean Room Supplies & Apparel

Cleanroom Connection serves all industries that employ clean rooms in their processes, specializing in sterile compounding clean rooms and cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing clean rooms. With the current USP 800 and USP 797 compliance requirements, Cleanroom Connection stocks the largest selection of sterile clean room supplies, apparel, and cleaning products at the lowest costs. Choose from sterile cleanroom coveralls and sterile isopropyl alcohol as well as sterile gloves, masks, mops, and more.

Our team of sterile compounding cleanroom experts and pharmacist consultants has over 50 years combined experience managing, cleaning, and working in the nation’s leading hospital pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturing clean rooms. Get up-to-date recommendations, guidance, and assistance from pharmacy experts at Cleanroom Connection rather than relying on internet sources that have no experience working in pharmacy clean rooms.

Clean Room Supplies From High-Quality Manufacturers

Cleanroom Connection works directly with only the highest-quality cleanroom supply product manufacturers like BioClean, DuPont, Kimberly Clark, Criti-Clean, Texwipe, CT International, Veltek VAI, Decon Labs, Ansell, Hardy Diagnostics, and Acute Care Pharmaceuticals. With special pricing contracts and agreements, Cleanroom Connection offers a lowest price guarantee on cleanroom supplies as well as free samples on all consumables. Get factory-direct, expert-level guidance on even the most technical questions and troubleshooting issues through Cleanroom Connection.

If you are in the process of equipping your clean room, or getting ready to begin working in a clean room, contact Cleanroom Connection to setup an account. We will help you start on the right path to securing all of your clean room supplies and apparel. After setting up your account, a dedicated account manager will be available to answer all of your questions, track your orders, and ensure a great customer experience.

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