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USP 797 Cleanroom Supplies and Cleaning Products

image representing usp797 complianceUSP 797 guidelines and compliance are a top priority for sterile compounding pharmacies. The goal of being compliant with USP 797 is to maintain and ensure a clean environment while compounding pharmaceuticals. This is done by wearing non-shedding, lint free cleanroom apparel over your clothes as well as lint-free cleaning products. This is done to ensure no loose particles come off your clothes or cleaning products into the products being manufactured. Cleanroom Connection is the leader in helping pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals become compliant with USP 797.

USP 797 PPE and Cleaning Supplies

The first step in being USP 797 compliant is having the proper standard operating procedure and a certified cleanroom or hood to prepare your pharmaceuticals. Once you are confident that your procedures are compliant the next step is to use compliant cleanroom products. Cleanroom Connection recommends wearing sterile, clean-processed one-piece coveralls with attached hood and boots. This ensures there is no skin showing at your neck or ankles. These are the two critical areas where not gowning up properly can jeopardize your cleanliness. By wearing the sterile bunny suit with hood and boots you ensure these two skin areas are fully covered.

Many people who work in clean rooms are not aware that a key source of contaminants is the actual cleaning supplies they use. When you are cleaning your clean room, you must use non-shedding lint-free wipes and mops. These are two products that can easily contaminate your controlled environment. Cleanroom Connection is the best source for 100% non-shedding wipes and mop covers for USP 797 compliance.

USP 797 Consulting For Pharmacies and Hospitals

Cleanroom Connection offers USP 797 consulting and troubleshooting services. Our consulting partners are the nations leading sterile compounding pharmacists, cleanroom designers and healthcare facility managers. They offer on-site training for all aspects of USP 797 and USP 800 compliance including how to clean, compound, gown, de-gown, formulate standard operating procedures as well as designing and building your USP compliant  cleanroom from scratch. Cleanroom Connection works with the nations leading hospitals, pharmacies and drug manufacturers for the past 10 years helping them become and maintain compliance. To learn more please contact Cleanroom Connection at 800.616.5319.


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USP 800 Compliance Help With Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Connection Offers USP 800 Compliance Help

USP 800 compliance help is a new service offered by Cleanroom Connection. Becoming compliant with USP 800 in the near future is going to be a priority for hospitals, healthcare facilities and compounding pharmacies in the next year. Cleanroom Connection offers the proper cleanroom supplies and apparel for USP 800 compliance. We also offer on-site consulting, training as well as USP 800 compliant cleanroom design. Get the proper compliant PPE (personal protection equipment) including sterile chemo gloves, gowns, cleanroom suits, sterile chemo preparation mats among many other items. Contact us today and speak with our cleanroom supply experts to get your USP 800 compliance help. Our customer service team is available to help choose all of your cleanroom apparel, cleaning supplies and chemotherapy protection products.

USP 800 Compliance Help With PPE and Cleanroom Apparel

Cleanroom Connection stocks sterile chemo gowns and suits that are ASTM tested for chemotherapy permeation. This means that the product manufacturers have had independent labs use special testing methods to see if various chemotherapy drugs would permeate the items. If the apparel passes the test, they they are given ASTM  D6978-05 certification, therefore certifying that the apparel would be USP 800 compliant.  Our complete selection of sterile chemo gloves, chemo gowns, prep mats, chemo boot covers and other chemo-rated apparel all have the ASTM D6978-05 test results available for our customers to keep on file. Contact our USP 800 compliance help experts and consultants to get answers to your USP 800 questions about our cleanroom supplies.

My Hospital Needs USP 800 Compliance Help

Cleanroom Connection specializes in helping hospitals achieve USP 800 compliance. Our team of veteran pharmacist consultants have managed the nations leading hospital pharmacies including Duke University Medical Center, UNC Hospitals, Florida Hospitals among other cutting edge facilities. We offer on-site training of your cleanroom staff in the areas of cleaning, handling hazardous drugs, creation of standard operating procedures, mock-audits as well as a complete cleanroom supply stocking program. Cleanroom Connection offers wholesale pricing on all USP 800 compliance cleanroom supplies and lint-free cleanroom apparel to hospitals with pricing well below the popular GPO-contract prices. Contact our team of USP 800 compliance help for hospitals team today and get started on the path the success.

USP 800 Compliance Assistance For Compounding Pharmacies

Cleanroom Connection works with hospitals as well as independent pharmacies to obtain USP 800 compliance.  Our unbeatable personal, clean room-educated customer service along with wholesale pricing is a home-run for pharmacies looking for a one-stop source for complete USP 800 compliance help. We offer weekend customer service as well as after-hours customer service. With 15 years experience supplying clean rooms in hospitals amd healthcare,  you can trust Cleanroom Connection to be there for you. Contact us today at 800.616.5319 for your USP 800 compliance help.


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Clean Room Supplies From Cleanroom Connection

Our Experts Help You Choose Clean Room Supplies

Cleanroom Connection has been supplying the nation’s leading critical environment facilities with top quality clean room supplies for the past 12 years. Our cleanroom-trained consultants have evaluated and personally experienced using thousands of clean room supplies and apparel products.

Clean room environments are becoming more and more essential in manufacturing industries including sterile compounding, medical device manufacturing, food manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, aerospace, electronics manufacturing, as well as other sensitive technology industries. Working with an experienced clean room supplier who can recommend the proper clean room supplies for your industry as well as your specific clean room environment protocols, is imperative to help you reduce costs when stocking or restocking. Depending on the cleanliness rating and applications taking place in your critical environment, certain products are required to be worn and used to clean, whereas others are prohibited. Our Cleanroom Connection experts are familiar with the various industry protocols and can guide you to select the right products that work well together.

Complete Line of Sterile Clean Room Supplies & Apparel

Cleanroom Connection serves all industries that employ clean rooms in their processes, specializing in sterile compounding clean rooms and cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing clean rooms. With the current USP 800 and USP 797 compliance requirements, Cleanroom Connection stocks the largest selection of sterile clean room supplies, apparel, and cleaning products at the lowest costs. Choose from sterile cleanroom coveralls and sterile isopropyl alcohol as well as sterile gloves, masks, mops, and more.

Our team of sterile compounding cleanroom experts and pharmacist consultants has over 50 years combined experience managing, cleaning, and working in the nation’s leading hospital pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturing clean rooms. Get up-to-date recommendations, guidance, and assistance from pharmacy experts at Cleanroom Connection rather than relying on internet sources that have no experience working in pharmacy clean rooms.

Clean Room Supplies From High-Quality Manufacturers

Cleanroom Connection works directly with only the highest-quality cleanroom supply product manufacturers like BioClean, DuPont, Kimberly Clark, Criti-Clean, Texwipe, CT International, Veltek VAI, Decon Labs, Ansell, Hardy Diagnostics, and Acute Care Pharmaceuticals. With special pricing contracts and agreements, Cleanroom Connection offers a lowest price guarantee on cleanroom supplies as well as free samples on all consumables. Get factory-direct, expert-level guidance on even the most technical questions and troubleshooting issues through Cleanroom Connection.

If you are in the process of equipping your clean room, or getting ready to begin working in a clean room, contact Cleanroom Connection to setup an account. We will help you start on the right path to securing all of your clean room supplies and apparel. After setting up your account, a dedicated account manager will be available to answer all of your questions, track your orders, and ensure a great customer experience.

image representing sterile clean room supplies for compounding pharmacies hospital pharmacy usp 800 compliance

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Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Partner – USP 797 800 Compliance

One-Stop Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Source For USP Compliance

Running a sterile compounding pharmacy is getting harder and harder as regulations change and become stricter. Adding a clean room, training your staff to work in a clean room, and then selecting compliant pharmacy cleanroom supplies and apparel are all daunting tasks. Being USP 797 and USP 800 compliant is both important as well as confusing if you do not have a complete understanding of these USP chapters.

image representing pharmacy cleanroom supply products for usp 797 and usp 800 compliance

That’s why it is vital to have a great relationship with a pharmacy cleanroom supply source that specializes in compounding pharmacies and compliance with USP 800 and USP 797. Cleanroom Connection is the only cleanroom supplier that focuses on sterile compounding pharmacies as well as cGMP drug manufacturers. We know the USP chapters and our product lines inside and out so that we can assist you in every step of compliance. Cleanroom Connection is a one-stop source for all sterile cleanroom apparel, cleaning supplies, sterility testing products, syringes, cleanroom furniture as well as cleanroom design and construction for USP compliant pharmacies.

Personal Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Trained Customer Service

Ordering products from random websites with no guidance versus actually speaking with someone who knows exactly what you need for your pharmacy cleanroom are two totally different experiences. Usually when ordering products from cleanroom supply websites, it’s very confusing to know  if particular items meet compliance requirements as well as your cleanroom needs. Few online sources for compounding clean room products actually have staff that even know what a clean room is. It can be frustrating to continually order the wrong products and have to send them back, while at the same time, deadlines and inspections loom ahead as you wait for the compliant cleanroom products to arrive.

Cleanroom Connection offers a personal account manager for every client, small or large. Your personal account manager is knowledgeable about working in a compounding clean room. The manager also knows our full line of cleanroom apparel and cleaning supplies that you will need for both hazardous and non-hazardous compounding. Whether you need finger tip tests and media fill test kits for sterility testing or you need sterile bunny suits with thumb loops that are ASTM chemo-rated for USP 800 compliance, Cleanroom Connection is the industry’s go-to pharmacy cleanroom supply source. We not only care about you getting the right products fast, we also offer wholesale pricing and have everything you need in stock, ready for shipping.

Amazing Technical Support For Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Questions

Cleanroom Connection has long-term daily working relationships with all of the top cleanroom supply manufacturers. This translates to amazing manufacturer-direct customer support for in-depth technical questions. It also means you receive sterility testing results, certificates of analysis, or other required documents super fast.

With other pharmacy cleanroom supply sources, it may be hard to get answers to very technical questions like the contact times to kill certain spores or how many autoclave cycles are a particular set of sterile goggles tested for. Cleanroom Connection has cleanroom-experienced staff and access to representatives at pharmacy cleanroom supply manufacturers waiting to discuss any issue or question you have.

USP 800 Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Experts

USP 800 compliance is already a major concern for both pharmacies and healthcare facilities across the country. Cleanroom Connection stocks all of the essential chemo-rated apparel, gloves, goggles, chemicals, and other USP-800 compliant cleanroom supplies. If you are looking for a pharmacy cleanroom supply partner for your clean room who will treat you like a VIP, give Cleanroom Connection a call to discuss your facility and needs. Then let Cleanroom Connection become part of  your clean room team.

Check out our USP 800 compliance resources including a downloadable USP 800 checklist.

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Sterile Compounding Clean Room Supplies From Cleanroom Connection

Clean Room Supplies & Apparel for Sterile Compounding Pharmacies

Cleanroom Connection is an authorized master distributor for BioClean, one of the leading high-quality manufacturers of sterile compounding clean room supplies and protective apparel. USP 797 and USP 800 compliance has updated many of the gowning requirements, cleanliness needs and types of sterile compounding clean room supplies and apparel that must be used and worn. As the current trend towards completely sterile gowns and sterilized clean room apparel continues to grow, Cleanroom Connection remains the leading pharmacy cleanroom educated source for these cleanroom products. With over 12 years of working as a supplier to the sterile compounding clean room industry, Cleanroom Connection is happy to offer the complete BioClean line of clearoom supplies to their customers. Whether you are striving to be USP 797 compliant, USP 800 compliant or become a certified 503b compliant outsourcing facility, you will find all of the sterile apparel, sterile gloves and sterilized gowning products required in this Cleanroom Connection Catalog of BioClean Sterile Compounding Clean Room Supplies .

Sterile Coveralls & Apparel Made For Sterile Compounding

image representing sterile cleanroom gowning and cleanroom suppliesChoose from sterile coveralls, sterile masks, sterile sleeve protectors and other clean-processed apparel for your compounding pharmacy. Cleanroom Connection offers a hand-picked, thoroughly evaluated selection of sterile compounding pharmacy clean room supplies that are guaranteed by the manufacturers that made them. In order to be compliant with USP 797 and USP 800, as well as the rules and regulations for becoming 503b compliant, cleanroom suits, gloves and other apparel must be properly manufactured, tested and labeled. While there are many seemingly compliant products for sale on various websites, many pharmacists and techs soon find out once they are inspected or audited that the sterile compounding clean room supplies they use are not compliant.

Clean Room Trained Customer Service

What makes Cleanroom Connection and BioClean stand out from all other suppliers and manufacturers of sterile compounding clean room supplies is the fact that they specialize in working with the compounding pharmacy industry. Other companies may sell these products, however you will not get the answers you need regarding contact times with surfaces for sterile sporicidal cleansers, suggestions for proper full face sterile coverage or knowledgeable guidance on how to properly wipe down your hood when you are working with a clean room supplier that does not specialize in working with pharmacies.

Since the compounding industry is becoming so regulated, and making mistakes is not only costly to you but also potentially to your customers, it makes sense to work with a pharmacy cleanroom supplier that focuses on and specializes in working with sterile compounding clean room supplies.

Download Compounding Clean Room Supplies Catalog

Click here to download the BioClean Sterile Compounding Clean Room Supplies Catalog

To order or to request pricing or samples on any product found in this catalog, simply call (800)616-5319 or email Cleanroom Connection.

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chemo handling safety products
Sterile Chemo Gowns and Protective Apparel

image representing sterile chemo gowns and sterilized chemotherapy gowns for USP 800 complianceSterile Chemo Gowns and Related Apparel

Sterile chemo gowns and sterile protective apparel that has been ASTM-tested for protection against chemotherapy drugs are becoming very in demand. USP 800 compliance is coming under closer scrutiny and is a major concern for hospitals, compounding pharmacies and healthcare facilities, operating procedures and cleanliness are becoming more and more scrutinized. When sterile compounding hazardous drugs in a clean room environment or even when working in a hood, it is recommended to gown up fully sterile to ensure no contamination. As per USP 800 guidelines, chemo gowns should have a closed back, be non-shedding and be constructed of an impervious material. ASTM testing against permeation of chemotherapy drugs also must be performed and documented for gowns to be compliant. When shopping for your USP 800 compliant chemo apparel, make sure you have easy access to the test results, since you will need to keep them on file.

Cleanroom Connection stocks a huge selection of USP 800 compliant sterile chemo gowns and apparel including the below styles :

  • Sterile Chemo Gown, ISO5 Cleanroom Compatible, Individually Packed
  • Sterile Chemo Coveralls, ISO5 Cleanroom Compatible, Individually Packed
  • Sterile Chemo Apron With Sleeves, ISO5 Cleanroom Compatible, Individually Packed
  • Non-Sterile Chemo Gowns, ISO5 Cleanroom Compatible
  • Non-Sterile Chemo Lab Coats, ISO5 Cleanroom Compatible

USP 800 Compliance and Training

USP 800 compliance is a major undertaking that can be stressful and confusing, not to mention expensive with the opportunity to make expensive mistakes. Cleanroom Connection offers USP800 compliance consulting and on-site training. Whether you need a compliant clean room designed and built from scratch, or you need an expert to train you and your staff how to properly clean or gown-up, Cleanroom Connection has you covered. We work with all size facilities from small independent pharmacies to the nations largest hospital chains. Our team of consultants have over 100 years of sterile compounding in clean room facilities.

how to get ready for usp 800 complianceVisit our USP 800 compliance resources page for helpful information including a downloadable USP 800 checklist and our most requested USP 800-compliant cleanroom supplies.

Feel free to call us to get answers to your questions and samples of your cleanroom supply needs for healthcare facilities including compounding pharmacies and hospital labs.

Choosing The Best Sterile Chemo Gown For You

What makes Cleanroom Connection stand out from any other cleanroom supplier is customer service. Every customer gets a dedicated account manager that is the main point-of-contact for all communication. Cleanroom-trained customer service assists you in choosing the right apparel and understanding all the options for your sterile chemo gown apparel. If you would like to evaluate the different options for our sterile chemo gowns and apparel, Cleanroom Connection offers free samples upon request. Cleanroom Connection is the leading sterile compounding pharmacy supplier of sterile cleanroom supplies, cleanroom cleaning products, sterile apparel and other pharmaceutical specialty products like contact plates and media fill test kits.

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Sterile Cleanroom Gowning and Clean Room Supplies

Sterile cleanroom gowning and cleaning supplies are becoming the norm as compounding regulations are updated and becoming more strict. In addition to the requirement of non-shedding lint-free cleanroom apparel to be worn over your clothing, new regulations are calling for various apparel and cleaning products to be sterile as well. Cleanroom Connection is the leading supplier of sterile cleanroom gowning apparel like gowns, coveralls, gloves, goggles, lab coats and sleeves to sterile compounding pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. When working in an aseptic clean room, it’s vital to ensure that you are not contaminating the critical environment with particles as well as bacteria or other harmful contamination factors.

Sterile Cleanroom Gowning vs Clean & Sterile Apparel

When searching on the internet and dealing with various suppliers, you will see many different options regarding sterile suits and cleaning supplies for your clean room. It’s very important to recognize the difference between a product labeled “Sterile” and one labeled “Clean and Sterile”. When working in a clean room, as you know, particles are the enemy. That’s where the “Clean” in “Clean and Sterile” becomes very important.

Sterile cleanroom gowning and apparel products are indeed sterile, meaning bacteria and germs have been killed, ensuring you do not introduce them to your cleanroom. However, these products have not been clean-processed, meaning they contain lint and particles. It’s key to understand this.

When a cleanroom product is labeled as “Clean and Sterile”, that means that particles have been physically removed AND the items has been sterilized. This is the caliber of product required when working in a sterile compounding clean room. Many pharmacists struggle with locating the source of particles in their clean room, with this being the trojan horse.

Cleanroom Connection stocks of 1000 different clean and sterile coveralls, masks, gloves, lab coats, frocks, wipes, boot covers, sleeves and other cleanroom apparel. Cleanroom Connection offers free samples of their sterile gowning products as well as expert level technical support.

Sterile Chemo Gowns, Gloves and USP 800 Compliant Apparel

As the leading cleanroom supplier to hazardous compounding clean rooms, Cleanroom Connection has a huge selection of clean and sterile chemo gowns, coveralls, gloves and other sterile gowning products that are USP 800 compliant. Sterile impervious gowns, sleeves and gloves are available clean and sterile, clean-processed to be compatible with ISO5 Class 100 clean rooms as well as isolation hoods. When you are working with HDs like chemotherapy or hormones, it’s vital that no skin contact occurs. ASTM testing against chemotherapy is required for chemo gloves to be used as per USP 800, with the outer glove being sterile. Cleanroom Connection has you covered with a complete selection of clean and sterile chemo gloves, along with the test results on file.

Getting Started With Clean and Sterile Apparel

Cleanroom Connection offers same-day shipping and wholesale pricing to the public on sterile cleanroom supplies and apparel. As the leading pharmaceutical cleanroom supplier, Cleanroom Connection stocks high-quality, USA-made sterile cleanroom supplies along with offering expert-level guidance in choosing each product. Free samples are available upon request as well as advanced paid services like on-site consulting, cleanroom cleaning training and USP 800 compliance integration into you facility.


image representing sterile cleanroom gowning and cleanroom supplies


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