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Chemo Products

Chemo Products For Handling, Cleanup and Administration of HDs

Chemo products by Covidien and BioClean include all of the supplies and protective apparel that is used throughout both the preparation and administration stages. Chemo gowns, chemo gloves, spill kits, mats, bags, labels, IVA seals and chemo kits are stocked by Cleanroom Connection. Below we list our most popular chemo products from BioClean and Covidien. We are authorized dealers for all Covidien products and Bioclean chemo products. Our staff is USP 800 compliance trained for maximum assistance to our customers. All of our chemo products are approved for use in USP 800 compliant pharmacies, hospitals and health facilities. Our chemo gloves are ASTM rated, our chemo gown products are impervious and made using the USP recommended materials for maximum protection.  We offer the guaranteed lowest pricing on all chemo products as well as free samples on anything you would like to try out before buying.


Check out our top-selling sterile chemo gown for use in your pharmacy clean room

Check out our USP 800 compliance page, download a copy of USP Chapter 800.

Sterile Chemo Gloves

chemobloc gloves

Chemo gloves are available sterile or non-sterile, and in both latex and latex-free materials. We also carry cleanroom rated chemo gloves that are ASTM tested for USP 800 compliance. We offer chemo-approved gloves from Covidien, CT International and BioClean.

Sterile Chemo Gowns

poly coated polypropylene chemo gowns usp 800 approved

Chemo gowns are worn to protect workers from exposure to the drug. We stock chemo gowns for use in pharmacies, hospitals or cleanroom facilities. Gowns and lab coats from Covidien and TrueCare are lightweight and ASTM tested for protection.

Sterile Chemo Mats

image representing sterile chemo prep mats

Sterile chemo mats are used inside a cleanroom, hood or glove box when compounding chemotherapy drugs. These sterile chemo preparation mats are gaining popularity and are stocked at Cleanroom Connection. At 11″x16.5″, these sterile chemo mats offer an impermeable work surface.

Sterile Chemo Sleeves

image representing sterile chemo sleeves for protection against chemotherapy

Sterile Chemo Sleeves from Bioclean are ASTM tested and USP 800 compliant. These sterile chemo sleeves have covered bound seams and are impervious to chemotherapy drugs. They are ISO5 compliant and sterile, individually packed.

Chemo Spill Kits

image representing chemo spill kit products from covidien

Chemo spill kit chemotherapy cleanup products are packaged to help users comply with OSHA and ASHP guidelines. Kits include gowns, gloves, masks, bags, goggles and related products. Choose from a basic, medium or deluxe chemo spill kit.

Wipedown 1-2-3

image representing sterile chemo cleaning deactivation wipedown 1-2-3 sterile veltek vai

VAI Wipedown 1-2-3 is the only sterile cleanroom grade chemotherapy deactivation, decontamination and disinfection cleaning kit available. This chemotherapy cleanup wiping kit contains 3 wipes that are sterile and individually packaged. The three wipes are used as 3 cleaning steps. Step one wipe contains 5.25% sterile sodium hypochlorite, step two wipe contains sterile 2% sodium thiosulfate and the step 3 wipe contains sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol. The wipes are 9″x12″.