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GMP Cleanroom and cGMP Pharmaceutical

GMP Cleanroom Compliance

gmp cleanroom sterile apparel gloves wipesCleanroom Connection is a supplier of GMP Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and cGMP cleaning products and apparel. Our pharmaceutical manufacturing clients that adhere to GMP rely on us to stock their sterile apparel and cleaning supplies. cGMP or Current Good Manufacturing Practice is the most up-to-date protocol and requires a sterile environment.

Sterile cleanroom apparel and cleaning supplies are sometimes hard to get in a timely manner due to backorders. Long delivery times can challenge your cleanroom staff’s ease of operating in your critical environment. We stock a full selection of sterile coveralls, gloves, wipes, disinfectants, and other required products for cGMP compliance. We hold stocks of your favorite products to ensure you are not affected by backorders.

We have GMP industry experts available to specifically discuss your facility and the correct cleaning and maintenance SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Our GMP cleaning products are used for equipment and environmental surface cleaning, controlling and cleaning spills, applying and removing disinfectants and cleaning isolators.

Sterile GMP Apparel

sterile cleanroom apparel for gmp compliance

Sterile cleanroom coveralls and bunny suits are clean, sterile, individually packed and designed for GMP compliance. Choose from sterile coveralls with attached hood and boots or separate pieces.

Sterile GMP Gloves

gmp compliant sterile cleanroom gloves in nitrile, latex and neoprene

Sterile cleanroom gloves come in latex, nitrile and neoprene and are GMP certified. Sterile GMP compliant chemo gloves also are available from stock in lengths from 12 inches to 24 inches.

Sterile GMP Masks

sterile surgical masks that are gmp compliant

Sterile face masks and veils come in earloop, four-tie and pouch styles. GMP compliant face masks with attached neck guard in stock. These masks are individually packed, clean-processed and gamma sterilized.

Sterile GMP Chemicals

sterile cleanroom disinfectants for gmp compliance and disinfection

Sterile cleanroom disinfectants and cleaning chemicals help ensure GMP compliance. Sterile alcohol, peroxide, bleach, spore killing agents and other sterile cleanroom chemicals from Decon Labs and Veltek VAI.

Sterile GMP Wipes

GMP compliant sterile cleanroom wipes

Sterile lint free cleanroom wipes are lint free, gamma sterilized and are available dry or presaturated with sterile isopropyl alcohol. Sterile nonwoven and polyester wipes in multiple sizes suited for complete GMP cleaning applications.

GMP Media Fiill Tests

media fill test kits for sterility testing and gmp compliance

Media fill test kits and sterility testing allow you verify sterility in your clean room. Choose from low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk media fill test kits from Hardy Diagnostics. Contact plates, slides and media are also available from stock.