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USP 797 Compliance and Cleaning Products

image representing usp 797 compliance cleaning supplies and cleanroom productsSIMPLIFY YOUR USP 797 CLEANROOM SUPPLIES

Cleanroom Connection is the leading cleanroom supplier that specializes in USP 797 compliance. We not only stock all of the proper USP 797 compliant cleanroom apparel and cleaning products, we help you pick the correct cleanroom products and then explain how to use them. We also offer USP 797 compliance cleanroom consulting and training by industry-leading expert pharamcist consultants with over 25 years experience managing the nations leading pharmacy clean rooms.

USP 797 compliance requires that the preparation of pharmaceuticals occur in ISO Class 5 (Class 100) clean room with a buffer area of ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) plus ante-areas of at least ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000). Cleanroom Connection supplies cleaning products specifically designed for use in clean areas of compounding pharmacies, hospitals, surgery centers and other medical facilities. Our US Pharmacopoeia (USP) compliant pharmacy clients include compounding pharmacies, hospitals and other medical environments. Our products are used to clean and sanitize clean rooms and labs. Our USP 797 compliance consultants can assist you with selection of products that will support your staff to prevent microbial contamination, to control intended strength of ingredients, and eliminate introduction of endotoxins or unintended chemical or physical contaminants. Whether compounding hazardous drugs or working with low-risk compounded pharmaceuticals, our cleanroom supplies can support your controlled environment.

For the best service, please call us and speak with our USP 797 experts to get advice on which cleanroom supplies and apparel to choose. We specialize in USP 797 compliance and have helped over 500 hospitals and pharmacies become USP 797 compliant.




Lint-Free Apparel

cleanroom coveralls and bunny suits

Non-shedding and sterile coveralls and lab coats for use with low, medium and high-risk compounding. We stock USP 797 compliant sterile one-piece coveralls with hood and boots attached.

Non-Shedding Wipes

image representing lint-free cleanroom wipes

Lint-free wipes and sterile wipes for cleaning all the surfaces in your pharmacy and clean room areas. USP 797 compliance requires use of these non-shedding wipes. Sterile nonwoven wipes as well as foam wipes and pharmacy cleaning wipes.

USP 797 Cleaning Chemicals

image representing sporgon

Sterile isopropyl alcohol, spore-killing chemicals and cleanroom disinfectants are available in a variety of sizes and packaging options. We offer sterile or non sterile disinfectants as well as rotational cleaning schedules.

Lint-Free Masks

cleanroom supplies and face masks

Non-shedding sterile cleanroom masks are worn for USP 797 compliance. These lint-free masks are sterile and come individually wrapped. Earloop, four-tie and pouch style masks in stock.  Pharmacy cleanroom masks from Kimberly Clark,  Criti-Clean and BioClean.


image representing sterilization supplies indicators for sterility testing usp 797

Sterilization supplies including biological and chemical indicators, sterilization wraps and pouches as well as tapes, Bowie-Dick tests and other items are stocked at Cleanroom Connection. As the nations leading dealer for SPS Medical, we offer unbeatable pricing and factory-direct technical support for all your questions.

Fingernail Picks

image representing nail pick cleaner

Finger nail cleaning picks clean under your fingernails easily and satisfy finger nail cleaning requirements. We have sourced high-quality, cleanroom-safe finger nail picks that easily clean under your finer nails. With a sturdy handle to grip and non-shedding construction, these finger nail cleaner picks are becoming a staple item with our customers.

Media Fill Test Kits

image representing media fill test kits for sterility testing and gmp compliance

Media fill tests for low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk compounding from Hardy Diagnostics are in stock and ready to ship. If you need assistance with user instruction or want further information, simply give us a call.


image representing cleanroom gloves for cleaning a clean room

Latex-free, sterile and chemo gloves from high quality manufacturers are in stock. We stock sterile, washed nitrile gloves, sterile chemo gloves and other USP 797 complaint gloves for use in your compounding pharmacy.

Fingertip Tests

image representing contact plates for usp 797 testing hardy diagnostics

Contact plates, fingertip tests and other sterility testing products from Hardy Diagnostics are available at discounted pricing through Cleanroom Connection. Our partnership with Hardy Diagnostics allows our customers factory-direct technical support along with our specially negotiated low pricing.