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Cleanroom Apparel

Cleanroom Apparel: Disposable Clothing for Controlled Environments

cleanroom apparel must be selected based on your critical environment protocolsCleanroom apparel is worn when working in a controlled environment. This lint-free, sometimes static-free cleanroom clothing is specially made to be non-shedding and safe to wear in a cleanroom. The most popular materials for clean room apparel are Tyvek, micro-porous MP fabric and SMS tri-laminate materials. In some less-strict environments, polypropylene cleanroom clothing may be acceptable.

The cleanliness level of your cleanroom determines the right materials for your apparel. If you are working in a Class 100 cleanroom, you coveralls and apparel specifically packaged for use in a Class 100 facility is required. Wearing the wrong material in your controlled environment introduces foreign particles from your clothes compromising your cleanroom.

Here are a few of our most popular cleanroom apparel catalogs, call us for help with selection or if you do not find the type of cleanroom clothing you need:



cleanroom coveralls and bunny suits

Cleanroom coveralls are the most popular style of apparel worn in critical environments. Cleanroom apparel is worn over your street clothes to minimize introduction of particles. Coveralls have legs, arms, a zipper front.

Lab Coats & Frocks

cleanroom lab coats and frocks

Cleanroom lab coats are made from non-shedding materials and have a snap front. These lab coats are comfortable, available with deluxe knitted wrists and in over 7 sizes. You wear these lab coats over your street clothes.

Chemo & USP 800

image representing splash resistant chemo gown

Chemo protection apparel has been manufactured, tested and certified to be safe for use in handling chemotherapy. We stock everything you wear and use to handle, administer, clean-up and dispose of chemotherapy.


cleanroom hoods for critical environments

Cleanroom hoods in a variety of styles including full face opening, eyes only opening and even hoods with masks built-in. We carry sterile hoods as well as clean, non-sterile individually packed hoods. Check them out here.


gammaguard sterile sleeve cleanroom

Cleanroom sleeves in a variety of materials that are suited for different applications. We carry tyvek sleeves, microporous sleeves, plastic sleeves as well as sterile cleanroom sleeves for aseptic environments. Check out our cleanroom sleeves here.

Boot & Shoe Covers

cleanroom shoe covers and boot covers

Cleanroom shoe covers and boot covers in many materials ranging from the common blue polypropylene ones to sterile Tyvek boot covers. We can help you choose the best shoe covers as well as send you free samples so you can choose the one you like most.