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Cleanroom Hoods

Cleanroom Hoods For All Critical Applications

We carry the best selection of cleanroom hoods from high quality manufacturers. We have the standard full face opening hoods in materials like Tyvek, SMS, polypropylene, and microporous coated fabrics. For more critical applications we offer hoods that have eyes-only openings and cover the rest of your face to ensure no particles escape the hood. We also carry cleanroom hoods that have a built in face masks which is pretty nice. Check out our most popular cleanroom hoods below and feel free to call us to discuss.

Check out our new sterile cleanroom hoods with “eyes only” opening for maximum facial coverage.  If you wear our sterile goggles with these hoods you achieve 100% facial coverage. Our cleanest clean room hood garments are the Dupont IsoClean which are ISO5 Class 100 rated. The next cleanest hoods we carry are the MP coated which are suitable for ISO5/6 areas. The next cleanest hoods are the SMS, which would be appropriate for ISO6-8 facilities.

Scroll down to view our 2 different cleanliness categories, ISO 3-5 Class 10-100 and ISO 6-8, Class 1000-100,000

Hoods For Class 10-100 Critical Environments
Sterile IsoClean Tyvek Eyes-Only 2
Sterile IsoClean Tyvek 3
Sterile IsoClean Hood With Mask 4
MicroGuard CE 5
Sterile GammaGuard CE 6
Sterile KimTech Hood With Mask 7
Scroll Down For More Cleanroom Hoods 8

cleanroom hoods for critical environmentsDuPont IsoClean Eyes-Only Hoods are made from clean-processed tyvek material. They have an oval opening for your eyes but no opening for your mouth. These masks are used in the most critical cleanroom applications where complete protection against loose particles is mandatory. Workers usually wear goggles or glasses for eye protection. These masks are very popular with our sterile compounding pharmacies and GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing customers. These hoods are Class 10-100 cleanroom compatible.

These cleanroom hoods come bulk packed, individually packed or sterile individually packed.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-IC666MD-OBHood, Eyes-Only Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Bulk PackedMedium100pcs
CRH-IC666LG-OBHood, Eyes-Only Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Bulk PackedLarge100pcs
CRH-IC666MD-OCHood, Eyes-Only Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Individual PackedMedium100pcs
CRH-IC666LG-OCHood, Eyes-Only Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Individual PackedLarge100pcs
CRH-IC666MD-CSHood, Eyes-Only Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Sterile Individual PackedMedium100pcs
CRH-IC666LG-CSHood, Eyes-Only Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Sterile Individual PackedLarge100pcs


dupont isoclean tyvek cleanroom hoodsDuPont IsoClean Cleanroom Hoods are made with clean-processed tyvek material and are safe for use in Class 10-100 critical environments. These hoods have a full face opening and are available in a one-size-fits-all configuration with ties and loops that are adjustable for the perfect fit. These hoods are available bulk packed, individually packed as well as sterile individual packed. These are out most popular sterile cleanroom hoods due to the superior cleanliness and breathability that tyvek offers.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-IC668B-OBHood, Full Face Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Bulk PackedUnisize100pcs
CRH-IC668B-OCHood, Full Face Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Individual PackedUnisize100pcs
CRH-IC668B-CSHood, Full Face Opening, IsoClean Tyvek, Sterile Individual PackedUnisize100pcs

sterile cleanroom hood with maskDupont IsoClean Sterile Hood with Mask is a very unique and well-liked product. This sterile tyvek cleanroom hood has a mask sewn into the face opening to simplify sterile gowning. This garments is gamma sterilized to SAL of 10-6 and offers a combination hood and mask packaged together with ties and loops for adjustable fit. This hood features bound seams which are covered with garment fabric to reinforce the seam and to reduce the potential for particle penetration. The mask is a 7 inch size with a pleated polyethylene outer layer. The sterile hood and mask come individually packaged in an opaque bag.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-IC9820B-CSHood and Mask Combination, Sterile Individual PackedUnisize100pcs

microguard ce cleanroom hoodsMicroGuard CE Cleanroom Hoods are constructed with clean-processed microporous coated fabric. These hoods offer great protection against both liquid and solid particles and are economically priced. These hoods are our recommended alternate to the DuPont IsoClean tyvek hoods. MicroGuard CE cleanroom hoods are available bulk packed or individually packed and come in a one-size-fits-all configuration. These hoods are Class 100 cleanroom compatible and offer a smooth, soft feeling to the skin. There are 100 hoods per case and we offer free samples if you would like to try one out.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-8063-BPHood, Full Face Opening, Cleaned Microporous Fabric, Bulk PackedUnisize100pcs
CRH-8063-CIHood, Full Face Opening, Cleaned Microporous Fabric, Individually PackedUnisize100pcs

gammaguard sterile cleanroom hoodsGammaGuard CE Sterile Cleanroom Hoods are Class 100 cleanroom compatible, clean-processed and individually packaged. The come with 10-6 sterility assurance and are very breathable. These hoods feature bound seams and a full face elastic opening. GammaGuard CE sterile hoods are lint free, non-shedding and made from a patented cleanroom fabric very similar to tyvek. GammaGuard sterile hoods are recyclable and provide a barrier to liquid and dry particles. They are also economically priced. Free samples are available upon request.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-GG-100Hood, Full Face Opening, GammaGuard Fabric, Sterile Individual PackedUnisize100pcs

image representing kimberly clark 36072 sterile hood with maskKimTech Pure A5 Sterile Cleanroom Hood with Integrated Mask are Class 100 cleanroom compatible, clean-processed and individually packaged. These cleanroom hoods are latex-free, silicone-free and contain no BHT preservative. They come with 10-6 sterility assurance and are very breathable. These hoods feature bound seams and a full face elastic opening. Kimtech A5 sterile clean room hood with integrated masks are are lint free, non-shedding and made from a patented breathable SMS material. Our Kimtech sterile hood with built-in mask provide a barrier to liquid and dry particles. Another unique feature of these sterile cleanroom hoods are the Clean -Don gowning configuration to make for error-free gowning.

Click to view the 36072 Kimtech Kimberly Clark Cleanroom Hood With Mask

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-36072Hood & Mask Combo, Sterile, Individual PackedUnisize75pcs
Hoods For Class 1000-10,000+ Cleanrooms
Tyvek 2
Microporous 4

cleanrooom hoodTyvek hoods are the best choice for general cleanroom applications. We offer white tyvek hoods that have an elastic full face opening with attached shoulder covers to fill the gap where your coveralls or lab coat meets your neck. Tyvek is very breathable and provides the best protection against dry and liquid  particles including small hazardous particles. These hoods are high quality and disposable. The come bulk packed in a poly bag. They are available with elastic opening or drawstring opening. We offer clean-processed and sterile tyvek hoods below under the Class 10-100 cleanroom hoods.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-TVK-EHood, White Tyvek, Elastic OpeningUnisize250pcs
CRH-TVK-DSHood, White Tyvek, Drawstring OpeningUnisize250pcs

breathable sms hoods for cleanroom applicationsSMS hoods are lint free and very breathable. SMS is a tri-laminate material that has a fabric-like texture as opposed to the smooth plastic feel of tyvek or microporous material. However, SMS is not as clean under a microscope as tyvek or microporous. We recommend these hoods for more industrial facilities where high breathe-ability and comfort are more important than cleanliness. These hoods are cleaner than polypropylene and a great hood for general clean rooms.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-SMS-WEHood, White SMS, Elastic OpeningUnisize200pcs
CRH-SMS-BEHood, Blue SMS, Elastic OpeningUnisize200pcs
CRH-SMS-WDHood, White SMS, Drawstring OpeningUnisize200pcs
CRH-SMS-BDHood, Blue SMS, Drawstring OpeningUnisize200pcs

cleanrooom hoodMicroporous hoods are lint-free, non-shedding and offer great protection against both liquid and dry particles. These hoods are white, smooth as well as tear and puncture-resistant. They have a soft feel against skin and are breathable. These are our most popular hoods for pharmacies, hospitals and semi-critical cleanrooms. They are slightly heavier and thicker than tyvek which some people prefer. They offer equivalent protection against dry and wet particles and are used as an alternate to tyvek hoods. They are available with a full face opening.

Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRH-MP-8002Hood, MP Fabric, Elastic OpeningUnisize100pcs