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Sterile Clothing For Cleanroom Use

Our Most Popular Sterile Garments and Disposable Apparel For Critical Environments

image representing sterile clothing and sterile cleanroom garmentsSterile clothing and garments are a requirement for any aseptic cleanroom environment. This specialized disposable apparel comes in the form of coveralls, lab coats, frocks, sleeves, gloves and other sterile cleanroom clothing styles. When working in a sterile clean room environment, you are in an atmosphere with the goal of zero contamination including loose particles. By wearing sterile cleanroom clothing over your normal clothes, you are ensuring the maintenance  of the aseptic environment. Depending on the cleanliness class of your sterile clean room, you are required to wear sterile clothing to covers a certain amount of your street clothes as well as your skin. These are the main contributors of particles into a clean room.

Sterile clothing comes individually packed and clean-processed, which means all loose particles have been physically removed from the sterile cleanroom clothing before it was packaged. This means that when you open it inside of your clean room, you will not be releasing foreign particles into the room. This is important to remember. There is a difference between sterile clothing and “clean and sterile clothing”. Sterile clothing  is sterile but has not physically had all of the loose particles removed from it. This is not suitable for cleanroom use. Sterile cleanroom clothing must be “clean and sterile” or in laymen terms, clean-processed and then sterilized. 

Lint-free sterile clothing is stocked at Cleanroom Connection from the highest quality cleanroom clothing manufacturers like DuPont, Kimberly Clark, BioClean and True Care BioMedix. Choose from sterile clothing styles like coveralls with attached hood and boots, knee-length frocks, masks, sleeves, bouffants and every other style of sterile cleanroom clothing that is needed for your aseptic clean room. Call for free samples or if you would like us to help you choose the right sterile clothing.


Sterile Suit With Hood & Boots

image representing sterile clothing style coverall with attached hood and boot covers

DuPont IsoClean sterile cleanroom coverall with attached hood and boot covers is our most popular sterile clothing item. This sterile cleanroom bunny suit is breathable, lightweight and among the most protective of sterile clothing choices. We also carry other sterile cleanroom coveralls here.

Sterile Cleanroom Frock

image representing sterile garment frocks for cleanroom use

GammaGuard CE sterile cleanroom frocks are our most popular sterile clothing lab coat style. These knee-length sterile frocks are economical, breathable and stocked in sizes small through 4X-Large. View our other sterile lint-free cleanroom lab coats and frocks here.

Sterile Cleanroom Gloves

image representing sterile cleanroom glove clothing styles

Sterile cleanroom gloves are worn in aseptic critical environments in every industry. Sterile gloves are in important aseptic clothing aspect of complete skin coverage in your clean room. We have a large variety of hand-picked sterile cleanroom gloves.

Sterile Cleanroom Masks

image representing sterile mask clothing styles for cleanrooms

Sterile cleanroom masks are clean-processed, sterilized and come individually packed ready for use in your critical environment. Choose from KimTech, BioClean and other sterile cleanroom mask options. Earloop, pouch-style and head-loop sterile masks in stock.

Sterile Cleanroom Sleeves

image representing sterile cleanroom garment sleeve protectors

Sterile cleanroom sleeve protectors are an important piece of sterile clothing for cleanroom applications. These sterile sleeves offer extra protection for your arms and sometimes are used to extend the sleeve for people with long arms.

Sterile Bouffant Caps

image representing sterile bouffant garment styles from cleanroom connection

DuPont IsoClean sterile bouffant caps are the only sterile clothing bouffant style that we carry. These sterile bouffants are clean-processed, individually wrapped and in-stock. There are 250pcs per case and are suitable for ISO5 Class 100 clean room environments. Contact us for all of your sterile cleanroom clothing needs.