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Cleanroom Sleeves

Sterile Cleanroom Sleeve Protectors For All Controlled Environments

Cleanroom sleeves are used for a variety of reasons. Workers with longer arms find using cleanroom sleeves over their coverall or lab coat sleeves provides coverage for their exposed forearms and wrists. In come critical environments, sterile sleeves worn over non-sterile apparel protects the work area and products from bacteria and other biological contaminants. We carry a variety of lint-free, non-shedding cleanroom sleeves that are available in sterile versions. Our most popular sleeves are Tyvek cleanroom sleeves, followed by microporous-coated sleeves. Both are clean and provide effective barriers to liquid and dry particles. Also, see our complete line of cleanroom gloves including extra long versions.

Our sterile sleeve protectors come individually wrapped and are Class 100 ISO5 compatible. We sell sterile cleanroom sleeves as well as sterile chemo sleeve protectors for facilities working with hazardous drugs. Our sterile chemo sleeve protectors have taped seams and are USP 800 compliant.

Cleanroom Sleeves and Sterile Sleeves For Critical Environments
GammaGuard Sterile 2
BioClean Sterile & Non-Sterile Sleeves 3

gammaguard sterile sleeve for cleanroomsGammaGuard CE Cleanroom Sleeves are sterile, individually wrapped and safe to use in your Class 100 critical environments. The GammaGuard material provides a solid barrier between your forearm and both liquid and dry particles. These sterile sleeves come with 10-6 sterility assurance, a certificate of sterility, and are economically priced. Our customers request these sterile sleeves as their first choice due to fast shipping, economical price and a generous case count of 200 sleeves per case.  Many of our clients who have very long arms use these sterile sleeves to compensate for the gap between gloves and their sterile coveralls sleeves. Bound seams and tunneled elastic ensure all seams and opening are sealed and non-shedding. At 21.5 inches in length ,these are also slightly longer than other clean room sleeves.

View the manufacturer data sheet for the Gamma Guard sterile cleanroom sleeve protectors.


Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRS-GG-200Sleeve, GammaGuard CE, Sterile Individual Packed21.5"200pcs

image representing sterile cleanroom sleeves and sterile chemo sleevesBioClean-D sterile cleanroom sleeves offer sterile sleeve protection and extension of sleeves for use in ISO5 and up clean rooms. These sterile anti-static sleeves come individually wrapped and are constructed from non-shedding CleanTough material with elastic on each end to ensure this sterile sleeve stays put. The bound seams with single needle stitching offer Category 3 type personal protection and have also been ASTM tested against chemotherapy and other hazardous drugs. 

These sterile clean sleeves are 20 inches long and tested against ASTM D6978-05. We recommend these aseptic sleeves to all of our customers. If you will be working with chemotherapy or other hazardous drugs, we do also stock these sleeves with covered seams, which are listed on the table below. The method of sterilization used on these sleeves is gamma with a minimum dose of 25kGy. These sterile sleeves have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture and should be stored in a cool safe place, away from direct sunlight. Each case contains 90 pairs of sterile sleeves, or 180pcs.

View the manufacturer datasheet for BioClean SBCSC sterile chemo cleanroom sleeves

View the manufacturer datasheet for BioClean SBDSC sterile standard cleanroom sleeves


Part NumberDescriptionSizeCase Qty
CRS-SBCSCSterile Sleeve, Chemo Rated With Covered Seams, Indiv Packed20"180pcs
CRS-BCSCNon-Sterile Sleeve, Chemo Rated With Covered Seams, Bulk Packed20"180pcs
CRS-SBDSCSterile Sleeve, Chemo Rated, Indiv Packed20"180pcs
CRS-BDSCNon-Sterile Sleeve, Chemo Rated , Bulk Packed20"180pcs