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Cleanroom Fingernail Cleaner Pick Tool

Cleanroom Fingernail Cleaner Pick For Quick Under Fingernail Cleaning

image representing nail pick cleaner toolUsing a cleanroom fingernail cleaner pick is highly encouraged when working in your cleanroom. Under your fingernails can harbor contamination, these finger nail pick cleaning tools easily remove and clean under your fingernail. These are becoming a high-demand item as surgical scrub brushes are being less recommended and finger nail pick cleaner tools are becoming more and more recommended.

These fingernail picks come in a case containing 6 boxes of 150pcs.

Since these don’t have a shelf life and are quick-to-runout, a full case in the cabinet is a good idea!






Part NumberDescriptionCase Qty
CFP-1506White Under Fingernail Cleaning Pick Tool900pcs, 6bx/150