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Sterile Cleanroom Gloves

Sterile Gloves For Cleanroom Use In Nitrile and Latex

image representing sterile cleanroom glove and sterilized clean room glovesOur sterile cleanroom gloves come in a variety of latex and sterile gloves.  These gamma-irradiated gloves are ideal for critical applications in aseptic environments and meet protocols for Class 100 cleanroom environments. All of these gloves come with certificates of analysis and sterility.  Talk with our cleanroom consultants about which sterile gloves will work for your application. Ask for samples so you can ensure your lab and cleanroom workers find them comfortable and easy to don. 

Make sure to check out our new extra-long sterile cleanroom gloves in both 16 inch and 24 inch length. These extra-long sterile gloves go to the elbow at 16 inch length or cover your whole arm with the 24 inch sterile gloves from BioClean. Sterile gloves for cleanroom use come individually packed in cleanroom plastic wallet packs to ensure when you open them, you do not release particles into your clean room.

Its very important to understand the difference between “sterile gloves” and “clean & sterile gloves”. When working in a clean room, you must use a glove that has been washed or clean processed, and then sterilized. Otherwise, you will using gloves that albeit are sterilized, they also will be full of particles. Contact us if you want to discuss sterile clean room gloves or request samples.

Scroll down to view our latex sterile cleanroom gloves beneath the nitrile sterile cleanroom gloves listed below.


Sterile Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves
KimTech G3 Sterile Nitrile Gloves 2
CTI NSGF Series Sterile Nitrile Gloves 3
BioClean BNPS 16" Sterile Nitrile Gloves 4
BioClean BNMS 24" Sterile Nitrile Gloves 5
BioClean Emerald BENS Sterile Nitrile Gloves 6
View Sterile Latex Cleanroom Gloves Below 7

sterile nitrile glovesKimberly Clark G3 sterile nitrile gloves are a comfortable, hand-specific glove that even when donned offer a superior feel and dexterity. The palm and fingertips are textured for secure material and equipment handling. No silicone or latex.  These gamma-irridiated gloves come double bag packaged for aseptic donning. Suitable for ISO Class 5+ and Class 100 cleanroom environments. Comes with certificate of sterility. These gloves are 12 inched long and are considered a high-quality Class 10 ISO3 compatible glove. If you would like to evaluate these gloves please contact us for free samples. These gloves come in extra-small size (6.0) through double-extra large (10.0)


Part NumberSizesLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-568886.0 (XS)12"Sterile White NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568896.512"Sterile White NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568907.012"Sterile White NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568917.512"Sterile White NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568928.012"Sterile White NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568938.512"Sterile White NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568949.012"Sterile White NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-5688710.0 (XXL)12"Sterile White NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair

image representing sterile nitrile surgical glovesCTI NSGF series sterile nitrile surgical gloves are high quality and the preferred glove for USP 797 compliant and chemo pharmacies. These are 12″ long nitrile gloves with a hand-specific fit. Their beaded cuff enables easy donning.  These gamma-irridiated gloves come with a certificate of sterility. These gloves are suitable for medical, pharmaceutical, food handling, and many Class 100 cleanroom applications. These gloves are also chemo-rated which makes them exceptionally useful as a general sterile latex-free chemo glove. These are our most popular sterile cleanroom gloves, a favorite among compounding pharmacists due to the skin tight fit, extra textured surface for great grip as well as the fact they are ASTM chemo-rated with all cytotoxic drugs. Call for free samples in your choice of size for evaluation.


Part NumberSizeLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-NSGF-6006.0 (XS)12"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-NSGF-6506.512"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-NSGF-7007.012"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-NSGF-7507.512"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-NSGF-8008.012"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-NSGF-8508.512"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-NSGF-9009.012"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-NSGF-100010.0 (XXL)12"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair

bioclean bnps 16 inch sterile glovesBioClean N-Plus BNPS 16 inch sterile nitrile cleanroom gloves are 16 inches in length and comfortably reach your shoulder. Most sterile cleanroom gloves are only 12 inches long, with this glove the extra 4 inches ensure a tight glove to sleeve seal. These BioClean N-Plus gloves are made from high-quality nitrile and are 100 percent latex free as well as chemical-resistant and anti-static. Another great feature of this gloves is that they are chemo-rated and safe to wear when handling all chemotherapy drugs. These white nitrile powder-free gloves have a textured surface for enhanced grip and a beaded cuff for easy donning. BioClean N-Plus gloves comply with the Glove Standard EN420:2003 and the European Medical Gloves Standard EN455 (Parts 1, 2 & 3) and EN374-1, 2 & 3:2003 and is ASTM 6978-05 tested against cytotoxic drugs. 


Part NumberSizeLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-BNPS-606.0 (XS)16"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BNPS-656.516"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BNPS-707.016"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BNPS-757.516"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BNPS-808.016"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BNPS-858.516"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BNPS-909.016"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BNPS-10010.0 (XXL)16"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair

bioclean bnms nitramax 24 inch sterile cleanroom gloveBioClean Nitramax BNMS 24 inch sterile nitrile gloves are 24 inches long and specially designed for full arm protection. These are our longest sterile nitrile gloves and offer exceptional comfort, flexibility, excellent anti-static properties as well as resistance to a wide range of chemicals. The BioClean Nitramax 24 inch sterile glove is made from white nitrile, is powder-free, hand-specific and features a textured surface for enhanced grip. A beaded cuff makes for easy donning. Thes gloves have been gamma sterilized. The glove is processed to ensure ISO Class 4 and EU GMP Grade A compatibility and complies with the Glove Standard EN420:2003, the European Medical Gloves Standard EN455 (Parts 1, 2 & 3) and EN374-1, 2 & 3:2003.Bioclean Nitramax BNMS gloves are made in a facility holding ISO 9001:2008 and 89/686/EEC Article 11b certifications.


Part NumberSizeLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-BNMS-656.5 (SM)24"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BNMS-707.024"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BNMS-757.524"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BNMS-808.024"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BNMS-858.524"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BNMS-909.0 (XL)24"Sterile NitrileIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair

image representing sterile chemo glove bioclean bens emerald green nitrileBioClean Emerald BENS sterile nitrile cleanroom gloves are a new high-quality glove we carry. The BioClean Emerald BENS sterile green nitrile glove is often used for hazardous sterile compounding as it has been tested by ASTM D6978-05 standard for chemotherapy permeation. This sterile nitrile cleanroom gloves also may be used for all other aseptic cleanroom application, and performs highly in all aspects. It is ISO4 clean-processed which means it can be used in the most-strict clean rooms. This sterile cleanroom glove is 12″ long and has superior chemical resistance properties and can be double-gloved with ease. To learn more about the BioClean BENS sterile cleanroom gloves, click the picture or glove name above.


Part NumberSizeLengthASTM Chemo RatedUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-BENS-6.06.012"YesIndividual Pair200 Pair
CG-BENS-656.512"YesIndividual Pair200 Pair
CG-BENS-707.012"YesIndividual Pair200 Pair
CG-BENS-757.512"YesIndividual Pair200 Pair
CG-BENS-808.012"YesIndividual Pair200 Pair
CG-BENS-858.512"YesIndividual Pair200 Pair
CG-BENS-909.012"YesIndividual Pair200 Pair
CG-BENS-10010.012"YesIndividual Pair200 Pair
Sterile Latex Cleanroom Gloves
CTI SGPF Series Sterile Latex Gloves 2
KimTech G5 Sterile Latex Gloves 3
KimTech G3 Sterile Latex Gloves 4
BioClean Extra BLAS 16" Sterile Latex Gloves 5
BioClean Maxima BLLS 24" Sterile Latex Gloves 6

sterile latex powder free glovesCTI SGPF series sterile powder free gloves are high quality and have a textured finish. The hand specific fit of these latex gloves are comfortable and provide optimal dexterity. The textured surfaces provide a superior grip when handling materials and equipment in sterile pharamacies, surgery, food handling, or other aseptic environments. The CTI SGPF glove are our most popular sterile latex clean room gloves. They are 12 inches in length, Class 100 ISO5 clean room compatible and come individually packed in sealed HDPE wallet packs to ensure a fresh pair every time. A manufacturer certificate of sterility comes with each case of gloves to ensure compliance with your clean room record keeping protocol.


Part NumberSizesLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-SGPF-6006.0 (XS)12"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-SGPF-6506.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-SGPF-7007.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-SGPF-7507.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-SGPF-8008.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-SGPF-8508.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-SGPF-9009.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-SGPF-100010.0 (XXL)12"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair

clean room sterile glovesKimberly Clark KimTech Pure G5 clean room sterile gloves are made for 100% rubber latex. Washed in a microprocessor controlled laundering system to provide very low levels of particulates and extractables. Textured surface increases security of grip. These silicone-free gloves provide superior fit, feel, dexterity, and comfort.  These hand specific sterile latex gloves feature a tapered, beaded cuff and a 12″ length. We recommend these gloves as an alternate to the CT International SGPF gloves. We receive great feedback from our sterile compounding pharmacy customers regarding this glove due to its softness and elasticity. Call us for free samples in your choice of sizes to evaluate before you buy a whole case.


Part NumberSizesLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-568516.0 (XS)12"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568526.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568537.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568547.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568558.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568568.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568579.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-5685010.0 (XXL)12"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair

latex clean room sterile glovesKimberly Clark Pure G3 sterile latex cleanroom gloves are ideal for aseptic cleanroom environments. These 12″ hand-specific latex gloves feature a winged thumb that minimizes hand fatigue and improves flexibility. Their fully textured surface increases grip. Beaded cuffs ensure gloves remain in place. These sterile gloves are walleted and pouched in polyethylene in a Class 100 cleanroom. Certificates of Analysis and Irradiation available. These Kimberly Clark KimTech G3 sterile latex gloves are Class 10 ISO3 cleanroom compatible and available in sizes 6.0 (XS) through 10.0 (XXL). We recommend these gloves for the most critical clean room applications where a Class 100 glove is not clean enough. If you would like free samples of this glove to evaluate please call or email us.


Part NumberSizesLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-568436.0 (XS)12"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568446.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568457.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568467.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568478.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568488.512"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-568499.012"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-5684210.0 (XXL)12"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair

bioclean extra blas 16 inch sterile latex cleanroom glovesBioClean Extra BLAS 16 inch sterile latex cleanroom gloves measure 16 inches in length and provide elbow-length protection along with exceptional comfort. These extra-long sterile latex gloves are textured for good grip and feature a natural latex color along with a beaded cuff to make donning easy.  The BioClean BLAS Extra sterile latex gloves are powder-free and have a protein level of less than 50µg/gram. This glove complies with the requirements of the Glove Standard EN420:2003, EN374-1, 2, & 3:2003 and the European Medical Gloves Standard EN455 (Parts 1, 2 & 3). Gamma sterilization ensures these gloves are totally contamination free. All BioClean gloves are manufactured in a facility holding ISO 9001:2008 and 89/686/EEC Article 11b certifications and processed in a cleanroom environment to ensure compatibility with ISO Class 4 and EU GMP Grade A operating conditions.


Part NumberSizeLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-BLAS-SSmall16"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BLAS-MMedium16"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BLAS-LLarge16"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair
CG-BLAS-XLX-Large16"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair200 Pair

bioclean maxima blls 24 inch sterile latex cleanroom gloveBioClean Maxima BLLS 24 inch sterile latex cleanroom gloves are 24 inches long, ensuring the highest level of protection for your entire arm. These extra-long sterile latex gloves are specially manufactured to offer the exceptional flexibility and comfort provided by latex for your whole arm. BioClean Maxima BLLS gloves are natural-colored, hand-specific and are anatomically shaped to ensure an amazing fit. Textured hand and fingers offer a superior grip along with a beaded cuff for easy donning. These gloves are powder-free and contains a latex protein level of less than 50µg/gram. Gamma sterilization ensures when you open these gloves in your cleanroom no contamination will be introduced. Bioclean Maxima gloves are processed in a cleanroom environment to ensure compatibility with ISO Class 4 and EU GMP Grade A operating conditions. It is manufactured in a facility holding ISO 9001:2008 and 89/686/EEC Article 11b certifications.


Part NumberSizeLengthMaterialUnit QtyCase Qty
CG-BLLS-606.0 (XS)24"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BLLS-656.524"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BLLS-707.024"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BLLS-757.524"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BLLS-808.024"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BLLS-858.524"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BLLS-909.024"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair
CG-BLLS-1010.0 (XXL)24"Sterile LatexIndividual Wrapped Pair100 Pair