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Cleanroom Mops

Lint Free Cleanroom Mops for Cleaning Your Clean Room

cleanroom mops for mopping controlled environmentsOur line of high quality cleanroom mops are manufactured by Texwipe, Micronova, and Criti Clean. All our lint-free mops are made from laundered knitted polyester,  clean-processed foam sponges, or allow you to mop with standard cleanroom wipers.

The main feature of cleanroom mops is that no lint or residues are left behind after mopping. The materials used to manufacturer these mop products are cleanroom-safe. The clean room mops featured on this page are all bucketless except for the Criti Clean polyester strip mop. We also offer mop hardware like buckets, wringers, and floor cleaning solutions for sterile critical environments. All mops and mop heads are cleanroom packaged and fully traceable by lot numbers. Our website details the most popular products, but we carry the full line of these manufacturers’ products, see:



AlphaMop 2
Mini AlphaMop 3
ClipperMop 4
Mini ClipperMop 5
PilloMop 6
Polyester Strip Mop 7
Rollomatic Mop 8

tx7108 texwipe alphamopTexwipe AlphaMop TX7108 is a superior large surface cleaning tool for ultra-clean production and cleanroom environments.  The mop head size – 15″ x 8″ – provides maximize coverage for efficient and effective application of disinfectants and cleaning of walls, floors, and ceilings. The quick change mop heads are a foam pad with laundered knitted polyester to minimize contamination for environments requiring low particles, extractables, and ionic contamination. The TX7108 comes with a fiberglass handle. The AlphaMop is packaged in a cleanroom facility using Bag-Within-A-Bag® cleanroom packaging. Available in an autoclavable version, TX7108A, that can withstand the rigorous demands of the steam sterilization process.

Part NumberCase QuantityDescription
CM-TX7108EachTexwipe Alpha Mop System, Handle, Head, Starter Covers and Foam Pad
CM-TX7108AEachTexwipe Alpha Mop System, Handle, Head, Starter Covers and Foam Pad, Autoclave Safe
CMC-P-516100 CoversCriti Clean Laundered Polyester Mop Covers
CM-TX7118F75 PadsTexwipe Thin Foam Pads For Mop Bottom
CM-CF-710810 Foam BlocksCriti Clean Thick Cleanroom Foam Blocks For Mop Bottom

clean room mopping systemTexwipe TX7104 Mini AlphaMop clean room mopping system offers an ultra-clean small mop and isolator cleaning tool. The mini AlphaMop has a lightweight telescoping handle and its 3.7″ x 7.1″ size, swivel joint, and low flat profile with rounded corners offers superior maneuverability when cleaning small, hard-to-reach areas in cleanroom environments. The isolator cleaning tool’s smaller 2′ 5″ to 4′ 5″ size is ideal for cleaning extra small spaces in isolators and other awkward areas of your cleanroom such as glove boxes, biosafety cabinets, and laminar flow hoods. The isolator cleaning tool comes with 2 fixed length handles, 12″ and 18″.  cleaning tool along with easy-to-use Both mini cleanroom mops in this system come with laundered polyester knit covers designed for quick changes and a secure fit over the foam pad. Autoclavable for aseptic critical environments. 

Part NumberCase QuantityDescription
CM-TX7104EachTexwipe Mini Alpha Mop Kit, Handle, Head, Starter Covers and Foam Pad
CM-TX7101EachTexwipe Isolator Cleaning Tool Kit, Handle, Head, Starter Covers and Foam Pad
CMC-P-485100 CoversCriti Clean Laundered Polyester Mop Covers

cleanroom mopTexwipe TX7103 Clipper Cleanroom Mop conveniently uses standard 12″ x 12″ cleanroom wipers. Use of cleanroom wipers eliminates having to qualify and stock specially sized wipers or mophead covers. This cleanroom mop has a large 11″ wide mop head for fast, efficient cleaning of large flat areas. See TX7102 for a smaller 7″ wide ClipperMop. The swiveling mophead utilizes non-abrasive clips made from polyethylene to attach one or multiple wipes to form a dry, wet, or sterile cover. While attaching wipers, no particles, fibers, or dirt are released. Gamma irradiation, chemicals, vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), or ethylene oxide (EtO) methods may be used to sterilize this ClipperMop cleanroom mop.

Part NumberCase QuantityDescription
CM-TX7103EachTexwipe Clipper Mop System, Handle, Head
CM-7103-PCNT1500 WipersCriti Clean Thick Polycellulose Mop Wipes, 12" x 12"
CM-7103-LP750 WipersCriti Clean Thick Laundered Polyester Mop Wipes, 12" x 12"
CM-TX7111B100 Foam PadsTexwipe Foam Pads For Clipper Mop TX7103 Bottom

lint free mopsTexwipe TX7102 Mini ClipperMop lint free mops use standard cleanroom wipers. Its compact 7 inch wide mop head uses one or multiple 9″ x 9″ dry, wet, or sterile wipers. See TX7103 for the larger ClipperMop. The wipes attach using polyethylene clips that are non-abrasive and do not release particles, fibers, or dirt. Its swivel head is easy to maneuver for fast cleaning of flat surfaces in and around cleanroom equipment and cabinets. These lint free mops may be sterilized using gamma irradiation, chemicals, vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP), or ethylene oxide (EtO) methods. 

Part NumberCase QuantityDescription
CM-TX7102EachTexwipe Mini Clipper Mop System, Handle, Head
CM-7102-PCNT3000 WipesCriti Clean Thick Polycellulose Mop Wipers, 9" x 9"
CM-7102-LP1500 WipesCriti Clean Thick Laundered Polyester Mop Wipers , 9" x 9"
CM-TX7111A100 Foam PadsTexwipe Foam Pads For TX7102 Mop Bottom

PilloMop Micronova Mopsmicronova mops are have sponge foam heads that are ideal for cleaning tight, hard-to-reach areas. The foam is wrapped with polyester. The Micronova mop has three parts: the handle, the head attachment adapter, and the mop head. This versatile mop comes in a standard 9″ x 5″ size and a mini-size mop head to provide a solution for all mopping and sterilant/disinfectant application needs. Either the standard or mini sized mop head can be used with the attachment adapter. The slip cover system offers precise wiping control and is launderable, autoclavable, and reusable. Available mophead covers are ultra-washed laundered polyester.

Part NumberCase QuantityDescription
CM-SSU-1EachStainless Steel Extendable Handle, 38" to 72" Length
CM-QDPH-1EachPilloMop Head Attachment Adapter
CM-PM65 Mop HeadsPilloMop Head, Polyester Covered Foam, 4" x 9" x 1"
CM-PM6485 Mop HeadsMini PilloMop Head, Polyester Covered Foam, 4" x 8" x 1/2"
CM-PM648IR5 Mop HeadsSterile Mini PilloMop Head, 4" x 8" x 1/2"
CMC-P-6100 CoversCriti Clean Triple Laundered Polyster Covers For PilloMop Head
CMC-P-648100 CoversCriti Clean Triple Laundered Polyster Covers For Mini PilloMop Head

cleanroom mop heads by Criti CleanCriti Clean Laundered Polyester Cleanroom Mop Heads are made with laser cut, triple laundered polyester strips. These laundered polyester mop heads are individually packaged in a Class 10 cleanroom. Their laser-cut construction and tubular 100% knit polyester material are low-linting. Their superior absorbency makes for efficient cleaning of floor, walls, or ceiling in Class 10+ cleanroom environments. Fit most standard cleanroom mop handles using clamp attachments on the bottom of the handle. These popular mop heads are available in non-sterile and sterile versions and in both standard and wide strip versions. Fully autoclavable and compatible with chemicals, VHP, or EO sterilization methods. 

Part NumberCase QuantityDescription
CPM-16-2020 Mop Heads16oz, Laundered Polyester Strip Mop Heads, Laser Cut Sealed Edges, 16oz Size
CPM-16-20-WIDE20 Mop Heads16oz, Laundered Polyester Wide Strip Mop Heads, Laser Cut Sealed Edges, 16oz Size
CPM-24-1010 Mop HeadsLaundered Polyester Strip Mop Heads, Laser Cut Sealed Edges, 24oz Size
CPM-24-10-WIDE10 Mop Heads24oz, Laundered Polyester Wide Strip Mop Heads, Laser Cut Sealed Edges, 24oz Size

image representing rollomatic cleanroom sponge mopRoll-O-Matic self-wringing cleanroom sponge mop has an aluminum and stainless steel handle. This deluxe cleanroom mop uses special Roll-O-Matic mop head refills that can retain large amount of liquid. This cleanroom mop is very popular for pharmaceutical clean rooms where applying disinfectants is the main concern. The aluminum and stainless steel handle is able to withstand repeated autoclave cycles as well as continuous exposure to common chemicals and cleanroom cleaning chemicals. The foam heads for the Roll-O-Matic mop are constructed with a special clean -processed foam that is safe for use in the most critical environments. The mop head refills are autoclavable and resistant to EO and gamma sterilization.


Part NumberCase QuantityDescription
CM-122910EachRoll-O-Matic Aluminum Extendable Handle, Fits 14" Refills
CM-120848EachRoll-O-Matic Aluminum Extendable Handle, Fits 10" Refills
CM-118549EachRoll-O-Matic Stainless Steel Handle, Fits 10" Refills
CM-118550EachRoll-O-Matic Stainless Steel Handle, Fits 14" Refills
CM-11880712pcsRoll-O-Matic Mop Head Refill, Stainless Steel Channel, 10"
CM-11880812pcsRoll-O-Matic Mop Head Refill, Stainless Steel Channel, 14"
CM-11877012pcsRoll-O-Matic Mop Head Refill, Galvanized Steel Channel, 10"
CM-11877112pcsRoll-O-Matic Mop Head Refill, Galvanized Steel Channel, 14"