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Cleanroom Paper

Cleanroom Paper and Lint Free Documentation

cleanroom paper pens and notebooks for clean roomCleanroom paper is lint free documentation used in cleanrooms and controlled environments. This paper is manufactured and cut in a special way to ensure no lint or particles come from the papers edges or if ripped.  The special cleanroom paper is also packaged inside of a Class 100 clean room to ensure no contamination is introduced into your facility. There are different weigh thicknesses and colors available. Our most popular are listed below.

Cleanroom pens and cleanroom notebooks are available in a large variety of sizes and colors. The standard size notebooks are 8.5″x11″, 5.5″x8.5″ and 3″x5″. The notebooks come with a non-shedding plastic cover and incorporate our perfect weight cleanroom paper for multi-tasking in your clean room.

Part NumberSizeColorCase Quantity
CRP-TX58203"x4" Post ItsBlue10 x 72 Sheets
CRP-8511-B8.5"x11"Blue2500 Sheets
CRP-8511-W8.5"x11"White2500 Sheets
CRP-8511-P8.5"x11"Pink2500 Sheets
CRP-8511-G8.5"x11"Green2500 Sheets
CRP-1117-W11"x17"White1250 Sheets
CRP-1117-B11"x17"Blue1250 Sheets
CRP-1117-P11"x17"Pink1250 Sheets
CRP-1117-G11"x17"Green1250 Sheets


cleanroom pens mechanical style

Cleanroom pens come double cleanroom poly-bagged. These pens are suitable to be used in Class 100 – 100,000 clean rooms. Low sodium, low chloride, low heavy metal ink is used on these cleanroom pens. A high density polypropylene barrel offers chemical resistance. This pen is compatible with IPA Isopropyl alcohol. Colors available include black, red and blue inks.

Our products are mechanical cleanroom pens, the point retracts inside the pen tip. This is the style of cleanroom pen that is preferred. We do offer cap-style pens, but we really only sell those if there are stock issues on the mechanical pens. These pens come in packs of 12 pens with 12 packs per case. Call for free samples.


cleanroom notebooks and pads

Cleanroom notebooks are super-popular in cleanrooms since you may want to organize your thoughts on multiple pages. Our cleanroom notebooks come in 3″x5″, 5.5×8.5″ and 8.5″x11″. We offer both standard weight 18# paper or 30# heavyweight cleanroom paper as an option.

Each notebook contains 50 sheets or 100 page sides and come either college ruled or grid marked. We fit our cleanroom notebooks with blue or clear polyethylene covers with poly spirals for spines to ensure no particles coming from page turning friction.
The paper used is processed, construted and packaged in a cleanroom environment to ensure a clean product.


sterile cleanroom markers and sterile sharpies

Cleanroom markers and sterile markers. Sharpies that have been cleanroom washed and re-packaged are great. You may not have thought about this as an option but they are getting more popular. These cleanroom markers come cleanroom bagged so when you use in your facility it won’t introduce any particles or contamination. Gamma irradiated sterile markers are available in blue red or black colors. Non-toxic alcohol based inks are cleanroom-safe, quick drying and great for making bold markings.