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Cleanroom Pens

Cleanroom Pens With Retractable Tips or Capped Style

Cleanroom pens are used to take documentation in a controlled environment. Depending on your application, the presence of certain chemicals found in standard ball point pen ink may not be allowed. The cleanroom pens have low sodium, low chloride and low heavy-metal level ink that is non-smearing and permanent.

Our cleanroom pens come double cleanroom poly-bagged. The are washed and packaged inside of a Class 100 clean room environment. The barrels are madeof high-density polypropylene. We offer two styles available, mechanical style with retractable tip or a capped style. Due to a cap being a crevice, we usually recommend the retractable tip cleanroom pens as a first choice. See below to learn more about them both.

Mechanical Cleanroom Pens

cleanroom pens mechanical styleMechanical cleanroom pens are the preferred style due to the absence of a cap. Contamination can become trapped or accumulate in a pen cap if not properly cleaned. With the retractable tip, these cleanroom pens are often in high demand and sometimes go on backorder for 3-4 weeks. Blue, Red and Black in colors are available. Pens come in double cleanroom bags of 12 pens with 10 packs per case. These are the pens that our customers request most.

This pen is compatible with IPA and other similar chemicals and feature a handy clip. These pens are used for general writing on cleanroom paper, marking cleanroom labels and taking notes. Ink has been formulated as non-smearing.


Part NumberColorTip StyleCase Quantity
CRBP-BLKBlackRetractable144 Pens, 12 Bags Of 12 Pens
CRBP-BLUBlueRetractable144 Pens, 12 Bags Of 12 Pens
CRBP-REDRedRetractable144 Pens, 12 Bags Of 12 Pens

Check out our mechanical cleanroom pen spec-sheet.


Capped Cleanroom Pens

cleanroom pens wth capWe recommend these pens as a backup product to the mechanical style listed above. The capped cleanroom pens are high quality, offer low sodium ink and a specially formulated poly barrel to eliminate particle generation.  Due to the fact that these pens have caps, please take special care to thoroughly clean and disinfect your pen and cap when using this product.

Irradiated pens are available in this style in all three colors – black, blue and red. You also have the option to buy a smaller than case quantity on sterile black pens below.


Part NumberColorTip StyleCase Quantity
CP-01BlackCapped100 Pens, 10 Packs of 10 Pens
CP-02BlueCapped100 Pens, 10 Packs of 10 Pens
CP-03RedCapped100 Pens, 10 Packs of 10 Pens
CP-01-IRBlackCapped100 Pens, 10 Packs of 10 Pens, Irradiated
CP-02-IRBlueCapped100 Pens, 10 Packs of 10 Pens, Irradiated
CP-03-IRRedCapped100 Pens, 10 Packs of 10 Pens, Irradiated
CP-01-IR-PACKBlackCapped24 Pens, Irradiated

Check out our capped cleanroom pen tech sheet.