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Bouffant Caps

Bouffant Caps For All Cleanroom Applications

Bouffant caps are worn over your head to ensure no loose hair or particles enter your controlled environment. These caps are breathable, comfortable and latex free. We stock bouffant caps in a variety of lint free materials including lightweight polypropylene, heavyweight polypropylene and DuPont tyvek. The most popular caps are the lightweight polypropylene bouffants. There is an encapsulated latex-free elastic band along the edge of the bouffant that will keep it snug on your head. We carry a variety of sizes ranging from 21 inch diameter to 32 inch diameter.

These head coverings are latex free, lint free and available clean processed or sterile for extra critical environments. Bouffants come packaged in sealed polyethylene bags. Sterile products come individually wrapped.

Lint Free Bouffant Caps

lint free bouffant caps made from polypropylene

Lint free bouffant caps are manufactured from polypropylene and available in many sizes. These lint free bouffants are breathable, lightweight and safe for use in Class 1000 clean room facilities. White, blue and other colors available.

Sterile Bouffant Caps

sterile bouffant caps from dupont isoclean ic729 series

Sterile bouffant caps are available for extra critical applications. These DuPont IsoClean sterile bouffant caps are manufactured from clean processed tyvek material and gamma sterilized. Safe for use in Class 10-100 clean room environments.

Cleanroom Bouffant Caps

sterile bouffant caps from dupont isoclean ic729 series

Cleanroom bouffant caps have been clean processed to remove any loose particles prior to being packaged. These clean room bouffant caps are manufactured from clean-processed DuPont IsoClean tyvek and safe to wear in Class 100+ controlled environments.

Tyvek Bouffant Caps

tyvek bouffant caps from dupont isoclean ic729 series

Tyvek bouffant caps offer an extra level of protection and cleanliness. Tyvek is smooth, lint free and provides protection against liquid splash. These bouffant caps would be a step up in overall quality from polypropylene bouffants.