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Cleanroom Sticky Mats

Cleanroom Sticky Mats For Your Controlled Environment

Cleanroom sticky mats are placed on the floor at the entrances of your critical environments. The purpose of a sticky mat is remove any loose particles from the bottom of the shoes of your cleanroom personnel before entering the controlled environment. Without using a cleanroom sticky mat, contamination requiring additional cleaning and possible protocol violations or product damage can occur. Our cleanroom floor mats comes in a variety of sizes to fit any size entryway.

Cleanroom Connection offers a large variety of cleanroom mats to suit any facility’s needs. We stock 30-sheet and 60-sheet styles in blue, white and grey colors. Some facilities prefer white sticky mats so that the level of dirtiness on the mat is easily visible. Others the blue color so that built-up dirt on the top layer is not easily visible.

The final option on our cleanroom stick mats is the adhesive. For medical, hospital and pharmacy applications we carry the Criti Clean germ-killing sticky mats. These mats have a cleanroom-friendly germicide formulated into the adhesive that kills 99% of bacteria, fungi and germs as they remove them from your feet. The standard sticky mat for non-medical environments does not have the germicide in the adhesive and has a lower cost.

Our mats come with a standard stickiness level, upon request we offer low tack or high tack sticky mats.

Sticky Mats

sticky floor mats for use in a cleanroom

Sticky mats are our most popular style and suitable for all cleanroom applications. They come in both 30-sheet and 60-sheet styles and in sizes ranging from very small to extra large. We offer both four mats per case or eight mats per case at factory direct prices.

Germ-Killing Mats

sticky mat antimicrobial germ killing

Germ killing antimicrobial sticky mat is used in medical, pharmaceutical and hospitals where germs and bacteria are a concern. These mats kill 99% of all germs, fungus and bacteria as they are removed from the bottom of your shoes. Both 30-sheet and 60-sheet styles are available.

Sticky Mat Trays

sticky mat mounting trays

Sticky mat trays go underneath your mats so you don’t have to adhere them to your floor. By using a sticky mat tray you can move the mats to different locations since they are stuck to the tray instead of the actual floor. We stock mounting trays for all size tacky mats including custom sizes.


Aluminum Frames

image representing metal aluminum tacky floor mat frame tray

Aluminum sticky mat frames are a step-up from the basic trays that go under your sticky mat. These aluminum frames are heavy duty and offer an enhanced look in your clean room. We offer aluminum frames for all size cleanroom tacky floor mats.