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Cleanroom Swabs

Cleanroom Swabs For All Industries

Our cleanroom swabs are made in the USA and Class 100 cleanroom compatible. The sizes and shapes of various swabs makes applying chemicals and cleaning small parts efficient and effective. Complete thermal bonding ensures these swabs are non-shedding. The two most popular materials for these swabs are polyester or foam. Foam swabs are popular for electronics manufacturing since the foam is inherently anti-static. Laundered polyester tip swabs are popular in medical device manufacturing and research where even the smallest particles contaminate critical environments.

With one manufacturing location and strict quality control, our cleanroom swabs offer consistent quality, reliable turnaround times, and fast shipping. All of our swabs come lot coded for traceability and quality control. We also offer a full line of lint free wipers.

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Polyester Swabs

lint free cleanroom swabs with polyester tip

Polyester swab products for cleanroom applications are available in 3″ and 6″ lengths. Our laundered polyester tip cleanroom swabs are available in 5 head sizes. We use the finest virgin laundered polyester material for the Class 100 Iso5 compatible swabs.

Foam Swabs

foam cleanroom swabs

Foam swabs are great for absorbing liquids and cleaning very delicate electronics or medical device parts. The foam is very soft and has open-cell construction which means they will readily absorb liquids, solvents and cleaning chemicals. We offer 3″ and 6″ foam swabs.

Sterile Swabs

sterile swabs

Sterile swabs are available with polyester or foam tips. These sterile cleanroom swabs are manufactured by Texwipe and come with appropriate certificate of sterility and COA. We offer discounted pricing on all Texwipe swabs.