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Foam Swabs

Foam Swabs For Cleanroom Use

foam cleanroom swabsFoam swabs are great for absorbing liquids and cleaning very delicate electronics or medical device parts. The foam is very soft and has open-cell construction which means they will readily absorb liquids, solvents and cleaning chemicals.

These foam swabs enable ESD safe swabbing of small components where static must be controlled. The tips are thermally bonded to residue-free static dissipative polypropylene handles which gives you a precision swab for ESD-sensitive applications. These ESD foam swabs do not contain metals, silicones, amides or carbon making it ideal for MR and GMR cleaning.

We recommend these foam swabs for cleaning MR and GMR disk drive assembly operations, PCB module assembly and repairr assembly of static sensitive components for medical device, avionics and space flight components.



Part NumberTip SizeHandle LengthBag QuantityEquivalent Swabs
CRS-F33.2mm x 2.6mm x 10.0 mm3"500 SwabsTexwipe TX741B, Contec SF-9, Chemtronics 41050
CRS-F66.8mm x 5.0mm x 18.0mm6"500 SwabsTexwipe TX740B, Contec SF-5, Chemtronics 49280