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Polyester Swabs

Criti Clean Laundered Polyester Tip Cleanroom Swabs

Polyester swabs are the cleanest available. The material used for these swab tips is triple cleanroom washed and then hand-sewn onto these non-shedding acetyl handles. Our polyester tip swabs come in a round tip, symmetrical tip and flat square tip. These polyester swabs are Class 100 Iso5 cleanroom compatible and arrive double hand cleanroom bagged. Polyester swabs are compatible with acetone, MEK, IPA, NMP and Kyzen. These swabs are very popular for cleaning hard to reach areas in commercial printing machines. One thing you can be sure of, no lint will come off these swabs when your cleaning your critical parts.


 polyester tip swabs


Part NumberTip SizeHandle LengthBag Quantity
CRS-P-6303/8", 10mm x 4mm x 26mm, Paddle Tip, Polypropylene Handle6"250 Swabs
CRS-P-6401/4", 6mm x 6mm x 20mm, Rounded Tip, Polypropylene Handle6"500 Swabs
CRS-P-3501/8", 3mm x 3mm x 10mm, Rounded Tip, Acetal Handle3"500 Swabs
CRS-P-3601/16", 2mm x 2mm x 10mm, Rounded Tip, Acetal Handle3"500 Swabs
CRS-P-3701/8", 3mm x 3mm x 10mm, Symmetrical Tip, Acetal Handle3"500 Swabs