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Cleanroom Tape

Cleanroom Tapes, Cuff-Sealing Tape, Sterilization Tapes and Labels

Cleanroom tape and sterile cleanroom tapes are available in a variety of materials for applications in aerospace, cleanroom construction, environmental health and safety as well as ESD and floor tapes. We are an authorized distributor for Ultra Tape, the leader in cleanroom tape manufacturing. We offer factory direct customer assistance to answer all your technical questions super fast. Our pricing on clean room tape is the lowest of any cleanroom supplier.

Our cleanroom tape products are high purity, particle-free and residue-free tapes. We offer manufacturing cleanroom adhesive tapes and labels for the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Medical and Electronics industries for over 15 years. State-of-the-art cleanroom manufacturing facility assures particle-free and residue-free adhesive tapes and labels that meet the stringent requirements.

For the pharmaceutical industry we offer sterilization tapes, cleanroom floor tapes and autoclavable tapes that can be written on with ball point pen. We also offer cuff-sealing tape as well which is used where your glove cuff meets your sleeve to ensure a seal. It is perforated, making it easy to tear each time you suit up.

Download and review our catalog below, it is very informative and guides in choosing the proper materials and options so that when you contact us for pricing you will have a complete part number to request.


View our cleanroom tape catalog.


Floor Tapes

striped floor tapes for cleanrooms

Cleanroom floor tapes are used to mark off sections and create walking patterns in your critical environment. Usually cleanroom floor tapes have black and yellow stripes or similar color combinations. We will help you choose the best floor tape for your clean room, juat give us a call.

Check out our cleanroom floor tape catalog.


tape for building cleanrooms

Construction tapes for cleanroom use are lint free and available in a variety of adhesive strength, materials and roll sizes. We will help you pick the best clean room construction tape, give us a call. Our tape experts will go over your application and recommend the right product.

Check out our cleanroom construction tape catalog.


cuff sealing tape for cleanroom

Pharmaceutical tapes and medical tapes are non-shedding, particle free and available sterilized. These unique tapes are designed specifically for Medical and Pharmaceutical applications. All tapes can be sterilized to meet the strict requirements of medical industries. Cuff sealing tapes are used to make a tight seal at your glove sleeve transition.

Check out our pharmaceutical cleanroom tapes catalog.


cleanroom labels

We stock cleanroom certified labels for use in controlled environments as well as standard labels for general lab use. Our manufacturers cleanroom labels are able to be fully customized as well as sterile. We offer free samples on labels for your cleanroom so you can test them out. Our labels are easy to write on, removable, particle free and residue free.

Check out our cleanroom labels catalog.