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Infusion Compounding Supplies

Syringes, Pump Transfer Tubing Sets and More For Infusion Compounders

Infusion compounding supplies are used right alongside our other pharmacy cleanroom products. Choose from infusion compounding supplies like red caps, pump transfer tubing sets, disposable IV poles and popular syringes. Cleanroom Connection is an authorized source for TrueCare BioMedix infusion and compounding supplies. For samples on any of the below products, simply give us a call toll free or an email. Infusion therapy is when a patient receives their medication through a needle or catheter rather than orally or other more traditional methods. Infusion usually refers to a drug is administered intravenously, however the term also may refer to times where medication is provided through other routes such as intramuscular injections and epidural routes.

logo of TrueCare Biomedix manufacturer of some of our cleanroom productsCleanroom Connection works as as supplier to infusion pharmacies and infusion compounding pharmacies where customized medications are compounded for infusion. We help you choose the right items and since we work with so many pharmacies, we can share the different product feedback we get to help other customers get the best performing products. Let us know what other infusion or compounding products you’d like to see on this page.

Red Caps

image representing red caps for infusion compounding syringesRed Caps are a dual-function syringe locking cap. They feature a male luer lock on end and a female luer lock on the other side. These offer reliable, secure connection to your luer lock syringes. They come 100 red caps per box. These infusion compounding red caps are made by an ISO13485 registered facility.



Part NumberDescriptionCaps Per BoxBoxes Per Case
Red Cap, Luer lock male and female ended1005

Pump Transfer Tubing Sets

image representing pump transfer tubing set for infusion compounding pharmaciesTrue Care pump transfer tubing sets are customized and feature a single lead with universal vented spike, silicone tubing insert, and a male luer lock at the distal end. Each pump set is DEHP and latex-free.  These pump transfer sets are compatible with Baxter pumps.



Part NumberDescriptionSets Per BoxBoxes Per Case
Pump transfer tubing set105

Luer Lock and Catheter Tip Syringes

image representing 60ml luer lock and catheter tip syringes for infusion compoundingSyringes are available with a luer lock tip or a catheter tip. We offer 60 ml, 10 ml and 5 ml syringes for infusion compounding. The product features the syringe only and are individually blister-packaged in quantities ranging from 30 to0 pcs per box. If you would like syringes packaged special quantities or have requests for customized syringes, give us a call.



Part NumberDescriptionSyringes Per Box
60ml, Catheter Tip Syringe30
60ml, Luer Lock Tip Syringe30


Disposable IV Poles

image representing disposable IV poles for infusion pharmaciesDisposable IV poles from True Care are high-quality, sturdy, cost-effective and come with five wheels. These disposable IV poles are lightweight, have a folding design, and you can leave them with your patients. Some great benefits to this is you don’t have to drop off and pick up the IV poles…plus the patients are the only ones using the poles, ensuring they are confident and happy with the performance. These disposable IV poles support pumps and offer both the wheeled model or one with the traditional three legs. No more tagging and tracking where your IV poles are. A win-win for you and your patients.



Part NumberDescriptionPoles Per Case
Disposable IV Pole, 5 Wheels, 74" Max Height1
Disposable IV Pole, 3 Legs, 83" Max Height1

IV Administration Sets

image representing iv administration setIV Administration Sets consist of a universal vented or non-vented spike, male swivel luer lock, roller clamp, Y-injection site located 6″ from the distal end, and drip chamber outfitted with a 15 micron filter. The sets are also available in models featuring a 0.22 micron air-eliminating, low protein-binding, in-line filter; a flow regulator with a range of 10ml to 300ml per hour; or both. Each DEHP-free, Latex-free set is individually blister packaged in quantities of 40 to 50 per box, and features patient information printed directly on the exterior of the package.


Part NumberDescription
IV Admin Set, Comprehensive
IV Admin Set, With 0.2 Micron Filter
IV Admin Set, With EasyDrop Flow Regulator
IV Admin Set, With EasyDrop Flow Regulator and 0.2 Micron Filter