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Cleanroom Cleaning Wipes

Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes for Any Industry

Our high quality lines of lint-free wipes are safe for use in Class 10 through Class 100,000 cleanrooms. From laundered polyester wipes to nonwoven cleanroom wipers, ESD cleanroom wipes, or sterile wipes, we can help you select the product and dispenser that are in compliance with your protocols, no matter your industry.

The difference between a normal cleaning wipe and a cleanroom cleaning wipe is how much lint or particles come off the wipe. Cleanroom wipes are very low-linting or non-linting depending on the material. Nonwoven lint-free cleanroom wipes are the most popular and are often called lint-free paper towels. They are considered low-linting since they are made of cellulose, which is not truly lint-free. Pre-laundered polyester cleanroom cleaning wipes are the cleanest available. They have been washed in purified filtered water before being packaged to ensure any loose particles are removed from the wipe. They are then dried and packaged inside of a clean room.


Our lint-free cleanroom wipers are manufactured by trusted brands such as Criti Clean, Kimberly Clark, TrueCare Biomedix, Texwipe and VAI Veltek. The most frequently ordered lint-free wipe products are shown below. We carry many more styles and sizes of lint-free, presaturated, polyester, and sterile wipes than are shown on our website. If you do not see a wiper product that suits your controlled environment needs, please call. There are literally hundreds of lint-free wipes being advertised, so it can be confusing to choose the right clean wipe. We have personally evaluated all of the clean room wipes shown on our site.


Our Criti Clean brand of wipes is proudly made in the USA, with 100% domestically sourced raw materials. We offer cleanroom wipes with unlimited choices in sizes, cleanliness levels, packaging options, and dispensing options to suit your cleanroom supplies needs. Talk with one of our staff to order your custom-sized lint-free wipes in the materials that meet your protocols. Work with our cleanroom consultants to select the best wiper options for your critical environment. Request free samples to try before purchasing.


image representing nonwoven lint-free cleanroom wipes

Nonwoven cleanroom wipes are our most popular general use lint free wipe. They are suitable for Class 100+ cleanrooms as well as for cleaning in anterooms, isolators, zone areas, or gowning rooms. These wipes are referred to as cleanroom paper towels.


image representing foam cleanroom cleaning wipers lint free

Foam cleanroom wipes or cleanroom sponge wipers are ideal for cleaning, spill control, and liquid absorption. They are used in many industries such as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing to clean and disinfect aseptic equipment, implantable devices, and work surfaces.


image representing polyester cleanroom cleaning wipes

Polyester cleanroom wipes are the cleanest due to the fact they are laundered prior to packaging. These wipes are safe for Class 10 and 100 critical environments and work well using IPA and other cleaning solvents. Autoclavable for aseptic environments.


image representing Sterile Wipes

Sterile cleanroom wipes are used for cleaning in aseptic environments. Our selection of sterile lint free wipes are popular with compounding pharmacies, medical device manufacturers and GMP pharmaceutical manufacturers.


sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol on lint free wipes from texwipe tx3214

Presaturated cleanroom wipes in both sterile and non-sterile versions. Pre-wetted wipes are convenient and help control of use of solvent. A variety of material and dispensing tubs are available for any controlled environment need.

2-Ply Quilted

2-ply cleanroom wipes that are lint free

2-Ply Cleanroom Wipes have two layer quilted together for absorbing large amounts of liquid. We carry two different quilted cleanroom wipes that are lint free with great absorption and extra cleaning power.


image representing anti-static cleanroom cleaning wipes

Anti-static cleanroom wipes prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) and are useful in microelectronics manufacturing. We carry anti-static lint free wipes for use in all cleanliness levels.


wipe dispenser box for cleanroom wipes

Cleanroom wipe dispenser boxes are available in countertop or wall-mount style for your 9×9 and 12×12 size lint free wipes. Protect and safely dispense your lint free cleanroom wipes.