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ESD Anti-Static Cleanroom Wipes

ESD Wipes for Cleanroom Use

image representing anti static ESD cleanroom wipesOur esd antistatic cleanroom wipes are made from patented blend of ultra-washed laundered polyester and strands of conductive carbon fiber. The anti-static wipes prevent build up of electrostatic charge via the carbon fiber strands that dissipate electrostatic charge from work surfaces, equipment, and components under construction. These wipes are used by electronics manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and other industries where controlling electrostatic buildup is critical. Low in particles and extractables, these strong, durable wipers are recommended for removal of dry  contaminants and particulates. These anti-static ESD wipes are available in machine cut form for Class 100 cleanrooms and with laser-cut sealed edges for use in Class 1-10 cleanroom critical applications. 



Class 100 Ultra-Polyester and Carbon Fiber 2
Class 10 Laser Cut Ultra-Polyester and Carbon Fiber 3

image representing anti static ESD wipesCriti-Clean Class 100 Laundered Antistatic Wipes are our most popular esd cleanroom wipe. They are Class 100 ESD wipers knitted in a controlled environment on state-of-the-art equipment especially for use in cleanrooms. Laundered in a Class 100 cleanroom using ultra-filtered water of 0.45 micron purity and HEPA-filtered air during moisture removal. Hermetically sealed in cleanroom-cleaned packaging under a Class 10 air-stream. Individually inspected with lot-to-lot traceability and using ISO 9000 standards. 

The fabric consists of premium quality virgin polyester fibers and carbon fiber nylon continuously ran through the no-run knit construction.



Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - 100 - ESD - 444" x 4"60012 Bags
CW - 100 - ESD - 999" x 9"15010 Bags
CW - 100 - ESD - 1212" x 12"7510 Bags

image representing class 10 anti static ESD wipesCriti-Clean Class 10 Laser Cut Sealed Edge Anti Static Wipe  is made from no-run knitted ultra polyester with conductive carbon core nylon fiber strands. These ESD wipers are our cleanest anti static wipe. These wipers are extremely low in chemical extractables and laser-cut to produce sealed edges for lint-free use in your highly critical environment. Knitted on state-of-the-art equipment, laundered, and hermetically sealed under meticulous standards in a Class 10 cleanroom facility. Individually inspected with lot-to-lot traceability under ISO 9000 standards.



Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - 10 - ESD - 444" x 4"60012 Bags
CW - 10 - ESD - 999" x 9"15010 Bags
CW - 10 - ESD - 1212" x 12"7510 Bags