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Cotton Cleanroom Wipers

Criti Clean Clean-Twill Cotton Wipes

image representing Cotton wipers for a cleanroom environmentClean Twill cotton cleanroom wipers manufactured by Criti Clean are 100% virgin cotton. These cotton cleanroom wipes are constructed using an ultra-strong 2/1 twill weave pattern.  The long-staple cotton used in these natural-fiber wipes provides a low-linting surface. The cotton cloth is naturally absorbent, durable, non-abrasive, low in static, heat-resistant, and biodegradable. The fine high-grade cotton is bleached, singed, and mercerized to remove virtually all impurities. No contaminating additives are used, these wipes are virtually chemically pure. The cotton wipers guard against static discharge and provide resistance to buildup of electrostatic discharge. These cotton wipes meet critical major semiconductor manufacturer and federal government specifications. Available with sealed edges upon request.



Clean-Twill Cotton Cleanroom Wipers 1

Criti Clean Clean-Twill Cotton Cleanroom Wipers are an excellent choice for the semiconductor and microelectronics industries where low lint and ESD anti-static qualities are critical. These durable, highly absorbent wipes are available in sealed-edge construction, if requested. 

These cotton cleanroom wipes are woven from the highest grade cotton into a 2×1 twill construction. It is bleached, singed, and mercerized to remove virtually all impurities.These wipes meet critical federal government and major semiconductor manufacturer specifications. This product contains no contaminating additives and is chemically pure. It is bias cut; therefore, it is very low in particulates and stray fibers. Of course, virgin cotton is naturally absorbent, non-abrasive, biodegradable, and low in static.


Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - 1000 - CT - 444" x 4"12008 Bags
CW - 1000 - CT - 999" x 9"
3008 Bags
CW - 1000 - CT - 1212" x 12"1506 Bags