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Foam Wipes – Cleanroom Sponge Wipes

Criti Clean Ultra-Absorbent Foam Cleanroom Wipes

Our foam cleanroom wipes, also called sponge wipers, are made from open-cell polyurethane foam. These cleanroom wipes are essentially a reusable lint-free cleanroom sponge wipe that absorbs and releases solvents, many forms of contaminants, and other liquid solutions. Whether removing dirt, oil, grease, or other contaminants or applying solvents, these non-abrasive, reusable foam sponge wipes perform well. You can rely on the cleanliness of these very handy wiping sponges because they are manufactured and packaged in a cleanroom facility.

Foam wipers are ideal for cleaning, spill control, and contamination reduction in Class 100+ cleanrooms. They are used throughout the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries to clean and disinfect aseptic equipment, implantable devices, and work surfaces. Many other industries also use these flexible foam wipes.

We are able to offer custom sizes on our foam cleanroom wipes.


Criti Clean Clean-Foam Sponge Wipes

image representing foam cleanroom wipersCriti Clean Clean-Foam Sponge Wipers are a very unique, durable, and absorptive cleanroom wipe. These are available in custom sizes and colors. They are a favorite wipe for many controlled environment applications where a soft and super-absorbent wipe with exceptionally low particle generation is needed. Call for pricing, custom size ordering, and free samples.

These wipes are manufactured from clean-processed foam material. The open-cell structure of this foam allows the wipe to absorb and retain large amounts of liquid like a sponge.

Criti Clean foam cleanroom wipes have gotten the best reviews from our customers compared to other foam wipes. Our quality team performed in-house comparisons of the Criti Clean Clean-Foam wipes against Texwipe, Contec and Berkshire foam wipes. We cleaned multiple surfaces with different textures to test the durability and cleanliness of foam clean room wipes. The Criti Clean Clean-Foam wipes left behind absolutely no particles and stood up to the more abrasive surfaces that caused the other wipes to tear and begin to degrade.


Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - 1000 - CF - 1
1" x 1"50025 Bags
CW - 1000 - CF - 2
2" x 2"50025 Bags
CW - 1000 - CF - 696" x 9"1004 Bags
CW - 1000 - CF - 999" x 9"1004 Bags
CW - 1000 - CF - 1212" x 12"1004 Bags
CW - 1000 - CF - 1818" x 18"1004 Bags
CW - 1000 - CF - CUSTOMCustom SizeCustom Package Quantity