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Sterile Cleanroom Wipes

Lint Free Sterile Wipes for USP 797 and cGMP Compliance

image representing sterile cleanroom wipes and cleaning wipes for clean room environmentsSterile cleanroom wipes are gamma irradiated cloths that are safe for aseptic critical environments. They come in many sizes in both polyester cleanroom wipes and sterile polycellulose lint-free wipes.  Sterile lint-free polycellulose wipes are most popular with USP 797 compliant pharmacies, cGMP pharmaceutical, and medical device applications. Our sterile wipes are USP 797 compliant.

Our sterile cleanroom wipes comes double-bagged and gamma-sterilized with certificate of sterility. We offer a few different lint-free sterile wipe types and a large variety of sizes to ensure that no matter what you are cleaning, we have a sterile wipe for you:

  • Sterile nonwoven cleanroom wipes are used for cleaning virtually all surfaces in your clean room. They are sterile, clean processed, and always in stock.
  • Sterile polyester cleanroom wipes are suited for extra critical environments. These sterile wipes are triple-laundered, sterilized, inspected, and double cleanroom-bagged. Sterile polyester wipes are popular with electronics and optics manufacturers where fine scratches are a major concern.
  • Sterile presaturated clean room wipes are super convenient and ensure consistent saturation of the wipes. These wipes are prewetted with sterile 70% isopropyl alcohol and come in plastic clam packs with a tight-sealing hinged plastic door. Presaturated wipes are the wipe of choice for compounding pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and hospitals.

True Care Nonwoven Sterile Cleanroom Wipes

sterile lint free wipes for usp 797compliant pharmaciesTrue Care Biomedix sterile lint free wipes are tough industrial wipers made from a synergistic blend of virgin polyester and cellulose. They are our most popular sterile cleanroom wipers because they are super absorbent, extra durable, and lint free. Gamma sterilization ensures no contamination enters your cleanroom by depositing onto wiped surface. These high-strength industrial wipes are used in many industries such as medical device manufacturing, USP compounding pharmacies, as well as cGMP pharmaceutical manufacturing.

These sterile nonwoven cleanroom wipes offer the best solution for general cleaning duties in an aseptic cleanroom or environment. In the clean room these wipes are commonly called sterile paper towels. These wipes are manufactured by TrueCare BioMedix. These sterile cleanroom wipes come in both 9″x9″ and 12″x12″ size to cover all of your cleaning jobs. Many of our customers use these wipes as sterile hand-drying wipes as well. We sell cleanroom wipe dispenser boxes that fit these wipes and can be mounted on the wall or sat on a counter-top.


Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
9" x 9"20180 Bags
CW-TCBWIP099" x 9"30012 Bags
12" x 12"2060 Bags
CW-TCBWIP1212" x 12"1508 Bags

True Care 70% Isopropyl Prewetted Sterile Cleanroom Wipes

image representing lint-free, non-shedding sterile isopropyl wipes for cleaning a clean room or pharmacy.True Care TCBWALC30 sterile 70% isopropyl lint free cleanroom wipes are our top selling prewetted sterile wipe. These wipes come in extremely durable clam packs that house 30 wipes each. The lint-free, non-shedding material is perfect for cleaning your pharmacy shelves, hoods, counters or anywhere that requires a sterile wipe with 70% sterile isopropyl alcohol. These wipes measure 9″x9″.

These are our most-popular presaturated sterile cleanroom wipe due to the economical pricing, high-quality and non-shedding properties of the sterile wipe. Contact us for free samples on these sterile cleanroom wipes. Our customers really like these sterile alcohol cleanroom wipes because of the door that automatically shuts and seals the bag without having to worry. Other sterile cleanroom wipes come in zip-lock style bags that easily come unsealed or lose their seal after continuously opening and closing.


Part NumberMaterialSizesWipers Per PackCase Qty
CW-TCBWALC30Polyester Cellulose9" x 9"
3024 Packs

Criti Clean Laundered Polyster Sterile Cleanroom Wipes

image representing sterile polyester cleanroom wipesSterile polyester cleanroom wipes are constructed from 100% virgin polyester knit. These laundered sterile wipers come in Class 100 machine cut and Class 10 sealed edge laser cut versions.  Sterile polyester cleanroom wipers are triple laundered prior to being packaged and gamma irradiated. These wipes leave no particles behind and are used in the most strict cleanroom applications.

Sterile polyester wipes are used for sensitive cleaning applications in Class 10-100 controlled environments. Due to the nature of polyester, these wipes are not as absorbent as a nonwoven wipe, however they are unparalleled in cleanliness and non-abrasiveness. Polyester wipes are not great at drying surfaces, however they are the most durable of the sterile wipe materials and will not shred or leave any lint behind, no matter how tough you are using them. Polyester sterile wipes are great for applying cleaning solutions and scrubbing surfaces. To finish the job and dry the surface we recommend using the sterile nonwoven wipes listed at the top of this page.


Part NumberSizesCleanliness LevelWipes Per BagCase Qty
CW-100-UV1-99ST9" x 9"Class 1002064 Bags, 1280 Wipes

Kimberly Clark KimTech 76490 70% IPA Sterile Cleanroom Wipers

image representing presaturated cleanroom wipe kimberly clark 76490 sterile alcohol wipesKimberly Clark KimTech 76490 wipes have become our most popular sterile presaturated cleanroom wipes with 70% isopropyl alcohol. These sterile ips wipes come in a 9 inch by 11 inch size, with 10 packs of 40 wipes per case. Another great feature of these wipes is their extra clean ISO4 Class 10 cleanroom rating. These wipes are made from polypropylene which is more durable and cleaner under a microscope than the standard nonwoven prewetted wipes. We stock these sterile cleanroom wipes and can ship the same day you order.

These sterile wipes are the cleanest of the presaturated sterile IPA wipes we sell. They are ISO4 rated which is for Class 10. The polypropylene blend is cleaner than the non-woven materials that most other pre-saturated sterilized wipes come in. The large 9″x11″ size on these wipes is perfect for cleaning larger surfaces or smaller surfaces that are very soiled. These wipes are very saturated and good for cGMP cleaning protocols.


Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - 76490
11" x 9"4010 Bags of 40 Wipes

Texwipe TX3214 / TX3217 Prewetted 70% Isopropyl Sterile Cleanroom Wipes

image representing texwipe tx3214 and texwipe tx3217 sterile 70 isopropyl cleanroom wipesTexwipe TX3214 /TX317 sterile presaturated cleanroom wipes are wetted with 70% Sterile IPA. It is an ideal choice for cGMP pharmacy cleanrooms, USP compounding pharmacy cleanrooms, and medical applications such as surgical. These cloths are constructed from a polyester cellulose blend for a lint-free, absorbent, and durable wipe. Packaged in a resealable thick plastic pouch with a hard plastic clamshell to keep the wipes moist.

These wipes are Gamma irradiated to 10–6 Sterility Assurance Level and offer lot-specific trackability to simplify record keeping. With each box of wipes comes a certificate of Irradiation to confirm radiation dosage. On each box of product there is a clearly marked expiration date. The 70% isopropyl alcohol/30% deionized water on these wipes has been filtered through a 0.2μm filter binder-free, hydroentangled polyester/cellulose substrate.


Part NumberMaterialSizesWipers Per PackCase Qty
CW - TX3214Polyester Cellulose9" x 11"
5024 Packs
CW - TX3217Polyester Cellulose9" x 11"
2024 Packs

Criti Clean Cobalt Blue Sterile Dry Cleanroom Wipes

image representing blue cobalt criti clean sterile dry cleanroom wipesCobalt Blue lint free sterile cleanroom wipes are constructed from a nonwoven polyester cellulose blend. Cobalt Blue sterile dry wipes are validated, gamma irradiated, and exceed USP 797 requirements with lot traceability and an attached certificate of sterility. These sterile nonwoven wipes are Validated to the SAL of 10-6, which is the standard level for ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137:2006 requirements.

Criti Clean Cobalt Blue nonwoven sterile cleanroom wipes are suitable for use in Class 1000 ISO6 and up controlled environments. The nonwoven blend of polyester and cellulose create an absorbent, tear-resistant general purpose sterile cleanroom wipe . Due to the small bag quantity of these Cobalt Blue sterile dry wipes, they are popular for areas where bags with larger amounts of wipes are not suitable. These sterile nonwoven wipes come in bags of 25 wipes for the 9″x9″ size, and bags of 20 wipes for the 12″x12″ size.


Part NumberSizesWipers Per BagCase Qty
CW - NT10-99CB
9" x 9"2560 Bags
CW - NT1212CB12" x 12"2042 Bags