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Pharmacy Cleanroom Supplies

Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Cleaning Supplies and Cleanroom Apparel

image representing pharmacy cleanroom supplies used for sterile compoundingimage representing pharmacy clean room products from american college of apothecariesCleanroom Connection is the nations leading one-stop source of pharmacy cleanroom supplies for sterile compounding pharmacies. We specialize in working with compounding pharmacies that are USP compliant as well as looking to become USP compliant. We create complete packages that include training, implementation and pharmacy supply for all your needed apparel and pharmacy cleaning supplies. Our network of pharmaceutical pioneers spans from the FDA, USP and PCAB to top level pharmaceutical research and development individuals around the world.

Cleanroom Connection is the leading pharmacy cleanroom supplier to PCAB accredited compounding pharmacies. We work alongside PCAB to continuously update our pharmacy clean room supplies, apparel and cleaning products . Our staff is also trained in USP 795, USP 797, USP 800 and cGMP compliance, which is a huge resource in itself for our customers.

Cleanroom Connection is more than just a pharmacy cleanroom supplier, we establish long-term relationships with all of our customers, offering more personalized customer service than any other pharmacy supplier. Not only do we receive and pass-on extra special pricing to our pharmacy clients, we become part of your clean room team. Our team of veteran pharmacist consultants is on-hand to answer even your most difficult compounding questions, quickly and at no-charge. If you need on-site education regarding how to become compliant with any of the USP or government issued regulations, call us for friendly, educated assistance. Our team has a combine total of 50+ years working in pharmacies and clean rooms and are happy to discuss and pass on knowledge and techniques to improve your efficiency, safety and to help your pharmacy or manufacturing company grow to new levels.

Below we have listed some of the top categories for pharmacy cleanroom products, but we recommend checking out our complete cleanroom supply listing page to make sure you view our complete offering.

Pharmacy Wipes

image representing lint-free cleanroom wipes

Lint free pharmacy cleaning wipes are non-shedding, available sterile, and come in a variety of different materials that are suitable for different cleaning applications in your pharmacy. Free samples as well as free advise on choosing the right wipes is just a phone call away. Over 50 wipes stocked and ready to ship.

Pharmacy Apparel

image representing disposable pharmacy cleanroom apparel

Lint-free apparel for compounding pharmacies comes in the form of lab coats, coveralls, bunny suits and gowns that are non-shedding, available sterile as well as individually packaged. Free samples on all pharmacy apparel is available as well as advice on choosing the right apparel products.


image representing pharmacy disinfectants and cleaning chemicals

Sterile alcohol and other pharmacy cleaning chemicals for disinfecting your pharmacy or GMP manufacturing facility are in stock at the guaranteed lowest pricing.  We are an authorized dealer for Decon Labs, Veltek, Metrex and other high quality cleanroom disinfectant manufacturers.

Media Fill Tests

media fill test low medium high risk

Media fill tests, contact plates, vial media and sterility testing products from Hardy Diagnostics are in stock and priced well below retail. We offer direct customer service through Hardy Diagnostics as well as free samples on all products. Choose from low, medium and high-risk media fill tests and the huge selection of contact plates, slides and other microbiological items.

Pharmacy Gloves

image representing gloves for pharmacy clean rooms

Gloves for sterile compounding and pharmaceutical cleanroom applications are available sterile or non-sterile, as well as in a variety of materials including latex, nitrile, neoprene, vinyl and polychloroprene. A huge selection of ASTM chemo-rated gloves are also stocked and priced well below any other pharmacy supplier.

Pharmacy Masks

masks for use in pharmacy cleanrooms

Sterile masks and pharmacy-style cleanroom masks come with earloops, four-ties, pouch-style as well as headband attachment style. We stock a hand-picked selection of pharmacy masks from Kimberly Clark, Bio-Clean, and Criti-Clean. Call for free samples on any pharmacy mask and for special pricing.

Air Sampler

image representing trio bas air sampler for pharmacy clean rooms

The Trio Bas air sampler for pharmacy cleanroom air sampling. Choose from one, two or three heads and there are no plugs or wires making this very neat. 15 hour battery life and on sale at Cleanroom Connection. Connect wireless to your smart phone, tablet, blue tooth printer and more.

Chemo Gowns

image representing chemo protection poly coated impervious gowns

Chemo gowns and protective apparel are impervious and protect yourself and your employees from skin contact with chemotherapy drugs as well as other hazardous drugs like hormones. We stock the highest quality, ASTM-tested, USP compliant chemo gowns from Covidien and True Care. Call for free samples.

Chemo Gloves

chemobloc gloves

Chemo gloves are worn when compounding or handling chemotherapy drugs. Cleanroom Connection stocks ASTM-tested chemo gloves in many forms including sterile chemo gloves, extra-thick chemo gloves as well as cleanroom-rated chemo gloves. Call for free samples or to get our recommendation.

Pharmacy Mops

image representing pharmacy cleaning mops for cleanroom use

Lint-free mops for pharmacy cleanrooms are available from Texwipe, Contec, Micronova and Criti-Clean. Give us a call and let us review your cleaning procedures so we can recommend the best mop for your particular pharmacy. Our pharmacy supplies and mops have all been personally handled, reviewed and tested to make sure we are offering good products. No other pharmacy supplier offer that.

USP 797

usp 797 compliance information

USP 797 compliant pharmacy supplies, apparel and training is all available from Cleanroom Connection. We are the nations only pharmacy cleanroom supplier to offer a complete USP 797 compliance package including on-site training, implementation, auditing and supply-chain of apparel & cleaning supplies. Call us to discuss your pharmacy, whether you are brand new or well-established but looking to become compliant with any of the USP or government regulations.

Infusion Compounding

image representing 60ml luer lock and catheter tip syringes for infusion compounding

Infusion compounding supplies like syringes, pharmacy pump transfer tubing sets and more are now available from Cleanroom Connection. Red caps, disposable IV poles and other useful infusion products from TrueCare BioMedix.

USP 800

surface safe chemo wipes for cleaning chemotherapy

USP 800 compliant hazardous drug handling apparel, gloves and pharmacy training sessions are available from Cleanroom Connection and it’s network of hazardous drug handling and manufacturing partners. Chemo gloves, chemo gowns and other hazardous drug cleanup and handling products and apparel are all stocked. Call to discuss and for free samples. USP 800 training and webinars available to customers at a great discount.

Contact Plates

image representing contact plates for usp 797 testing hardy diagnostics

Contact plates, fingertip testing and other sterility test products from Hardy Diagnostics are available to Cleanroom Connection customers at specially negotiated pricing. Choose from a complete selection of sterility testing pharmacy cleanroom supplies that will help you achieve USP 797 compliance.


image representing sterilization supplies indicators for sterility testing usp 797

Sterilization supplies including sterilization pouches, wraps and indicators are in stock at Cleanroom Connection. Our partnership with SPS Medical allows us to offer our customers factory-direct technical support as well as specially discounted pricing when you purchase these pharmacy clean room supplies through Cleanroom Connection.


image representing incubator for pharmacy testing and usp 797 compliance

Pharmacy incubators allow you to perform in-house testing and incubation. This saves you time, money and also gives you a good learning experience. You can have confidence in your test results and comply with all of the USP 797 requirements without using an outside testing company.

Fingernail Pick

image representing nail pick cleaner

Fingernail cleaners and pick tools are becoming more popular as the best method to clean under your fingernails. We have sourced these easy-to-use plastic disposable pharmacy cleanroom fingernail picks that get the job done quick and easy. Simply throw out the pick when you are done.

Waterless Scrub

image representing waterless surgical scrub with persistent activity for usp 797 compliance

FDA recommended waterless surgical scrub with persistent activity is stocked at Cleanroom Connection. Get a free hands-free infrared dispenser with the purchase of a case of pharmacy surgical scrub. We offer the guaranteed lowest pricing on the Purell waterless alcohol based surgical scrub. The dispenser is clearly labeled “Surgical Scrub”.