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Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Partner – USP 797 800 Compliance

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One-Stop Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Source For USP Compliance

Running a sterile compounding pharmacy is getting harder and harder as regulations change and become stricter. Adding a clean room, training your staff to work in a clean room, and then selecting compliant pharmacy cleanroom supplies and apparel are all daunting tasks. Being USP 797 and USP 800 compliant is both important as well as confusing if you do not have a complete understanding of these USP chapters.

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That’s why it is vital to have a great relationship with a pharmacy cleanroom supply source that specializes in compounding pharmacies and compliance with USP 800 and USP 797. Cleanroom Connection is the only cleanroom supplier that focuses on sterile compounding pharmacies as well as cGMP drug manufacturers. We know the USP chapters and our product lines inside and out so that we can assist you in every step of compliance. Cleanroom Connection is a one-stop source for all sterile cleanroom apparel, cleaning supplies, sterility testing products, syringes, cleanroom furniture as well as cleanroom design and construction for USP compliant pharmacies.

Personal Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Trained Customer Service

Ordering products from random websites with no guidance versus actually speaking with someone who knows exactly what you need for your pharmacy cleanroom are two totally different experiences. Usually when ordering products from cleanroom supply websites, it’s very confusing to know  if particular items meet compliance requirements as well as your cleanroom needs. Few online sources for compounding clean room products actually have staff that even know what a clean room is. It can be frustrating to continually order the wrong products and have to send them back, while at the same time, deadlines and inspections loom ahead as you wait for the compliant cleanroom products to arrive.

Cleanroom Connection offers a personal account manager for every client, small or large. Your personal account manager is knowledgeable about working in a compounding clean room. The manager also knows our full line of cleanroom apparel and cleaning supplies that you will need for both hazardous and non-hazardous compounding. Whether you need finger tip tests and media fill test kits for sterility testing or you need sterile bunny suits with thumb loops that are ASTM chemo-rated for USP 800 compliance, Cleanroom Connection is the industry’s go-to pharmacy cleanroom supply source. We not only care about you getting the right products fast, we also offer wholesale pricing and have everything you need in stock, ready for shipping.

Amazing Technical Support For Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Questions

Cleanroom Connection has long-term daily working relationships with all of the top cleanroom supply manufacturers. This translates to amazing manufacturer-direct customer support for in-depth technical questions. It also means you receive sterility testing results, certificates of analysis, or other required documents super fast.

With other pharmacy cleanroom supply sources, it may be hard to get answers to very technical questions like the contact times to kill certain spores or how many autoclave cycles are a particular set of sterile goggles tested for. Cleanroom Connection has cleanroom-experienced staff and access to representatives at pharmacy cleanroom supply manufacturers waiting to discuss any issue or question you have.

USP 800 Pharmacy Cleanroom Supply Experts

USP 800 compliance is already a major concern for both pharmacies and healthcare facilities across the country. Cleanroom Connection stocks all of the essential chemo-rated apparel, gloves, goggles, chemicals, and other USP-800 compliant cleanroom supplies. If you are looking for a pharmacy cleanroom supply partner for your clean room who will treat you like a VIP, give Cleanroom Connection a call to discuss your facility and needs. Then let Cleanroom Connection become part of  your clean room team.

Check out our USP 800 compliance resources including a downloadable USP 800 checklist.

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