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Stainless Steel & Glass Cleanroom Cleaning Chemicals

Keep Your Stainless Steel and Glass Cleanroom Equipment Spotless

The two most common surfaces in clean room environments are stainless steel and glass/plexiglass. These surfaces are constantly being cleaned by sometimes harsh chemicals like bleach and other disinfectants / sporicidal cleaners. It is imperative to maintain these surfaces and ensure they do not degrade or rust. You cannot use Windex or other household cleaning products in a clean room for a variety of reasons. The formulations are not safe for the clean environment, the products are not sterile, and the packaging of the products itself would contaminate your controlled environment.

We carry two products that are made for the maintenance of stainless steel and glass in clean rooms, Steel-Bright and Decon-Glass.  Steel-Bright will remove chemical residues, spotting and staining left on your stainless steel cleanroom equipment. Decon -Glass will ensure your glass and plexiglass surfaces are spotless. Decon-Glass is the only sterile cleanroom-grade glass and plexiglass cleaner on the market.  Decon-Glass is designed for pharmacutical and biotechnology cleaning cycles for removing of residues and disinfecting agents from glass in the clean room. Learn more below. We also carry a complete selection of cleanroom disinfectants, sporicidal agents and other cleaning chemicals for clean rooms.

Steel-Bright : Sterile Stainless Steel Cleaner For Your Clean Room

image representing specialty cleanroom cleaning chemical steel-bright stainless steel cleanerSteel-Bright is a stainless steel cleaner and polish that is sterile and specifically made for cleanroom use. This specialty cleanroom cleaning chemical is a lifesaver for those using bleach and other harsh cleaning chemicals on their stainless steel carts and shelves. Steel-Bright  is an aerosol spray that is 8oz and comes sterile, individually wrapped. Steel-Bright will remove residue, spotting, clean-up pitting and staining left on your steel surfaces. Since its a sterile specialty cleanroom cleaning chemical, you use use it in your aseptic areas as well as non-sterile.  Steel-Bright is an emulsion-based FDA approved (A7) cleaner that will not rainbow or accumulate heavy build-up. When you clean with Steel-Bright, surfaces will remain cleaner longer since there is no residue film left on the surface to attract soil. You will renew the gloss with wiping and buffing surfaces without any powdery residue when you are done. This product is aseptically filtered, double-bagged and then gamma-irradiated. When using this product make sure to apply with our ultra-clean polyester cleanroom wipes.



Steel-Bright Sterile Stainless Steel Cleaner For Cleanroom Use


Part NumberProduct NameUnit SizeUnits Per CaseSterile
CC-SB-02Steel-Bright8oz Aerosol Mist24Yes
CW-100-UV1-99STCriti Clean Sterile Polyester Dry Application Wipes9"x9"64 Bags of 20Yes

Decon-Glass : Sterile Glass Cleaner For Your Clean Room

image representing specialty cleanroom cleaning chemicals for stainless steel and glass cleanerDecon-Glass is a sterile glass and plexiglass cleaner that is specifically formulated and packaged for use in clean rooms. Since it is sterile it can be used in both aseptic and non-sterile environments. Decon-Glass is both a cleaner and residue remover for the sensitive surfaces of glass and plexiglass. This product was designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology cleaning cycles to remove residues from glass that were deposited by other cleaning chemicals like disinfectants. Decon-Glass is ready to use and formulated with pure WFI water-for-injection. You can use this product for all washable, porous and non-porous surfaces as well. Residues, smudges and oils will be removed from your cleanroom glass by using this product. It comes in a 16oz sterile spray bottle with 12 bottles per case. It is filtered to .2 microns and gamma irradiated to 10-6 assurance. It is lot-traceable and comes with a certificate of sterility and analysis. Use our sterile lint-free non-woven cleanroom wipes to apply and dry Decon-Glass.



Decon Glass Sterile Cleanroom Glass Cleaner Technial Information


Part NumberProduct NameUnit SizeUnits Per CaseSterile
CC-DG03-16ZDecon-Glass16oz Spray12Yes
CW-TCBWIP09Criti Clean Sterile Nonwoven Dry Application Wipes9"x9"12 Bags of 300Yes
CW-TCBWIP12Criti Clean Sterile Nonwoven Dry Application Wipes12"x12"8 Bags of 150Yes