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Specialty Cleaning Chemicals

Specialty Cleaning Products For Your Cleanroom

cleanroom labware cleanerWe offer a full line of specialty cleaning chemicals that are cleanroom-safe. Our detergents, dishwasher soaps, acid-based cleaners, radioactive contamination cleaners, and other specialty cleanroom cleaning chemicals come in a variety of sizes ranging from single-use packets up to barrel sizes. We offer high quality reliable detergents, alkaline, neutral, acidic, enzymatic and ready-to-use specialty cleaners:

  • Liquid Detergents – Contrad 70, Neutrad, Citrad, Descal
  • Powder Detergents – Dri Clean
  • Radioactive Decontaminant – No Count, Eliminase, Enzyte
  • Lab Dishwasher Liquid – Contrad NF, Contrad 100
  • Lab Dishwasher Powder – Dri Contrad

See our specialty cleaners below.  For cleanroom disinfectants, we offer a full line of Decon Labs and VAI cleanroom disinfectants.


Chemical Information & Tech Sheets
Contrad 70 2
Dri-Clean 3
Neutrad 4
Citrad 5
Descal 6
No-Count 7
Eliminase 8
Enzyte 9
Contrad NF Liquid Dish Detergent 10
Dri-Contrad Powder Dish Detergent 11
Contrad 100 Dish Detergent 12

contrad 70 detergent for cleanroom labware cleaningContrad 70 liquid detergent concentrate gets everything clean by soaking, scrubbing and ultrasonics. It rinses away totally, leaves zero residues. Phosphate-free, disposable straight to drain, Contrad 70 is perfect for all critical cleaning, from labware to process equipment, ultrasonic cleaning, and radioactive decontamination.

Manufacturer tech sheet – Contrad 70 Tech Sheet

See product details – Contrad 70 Detergent

dri clean decon labsDri-Clean is a powdered detergent for soak, manual, and ultrasonic cleaning applications in your critical environment. The user-friendly bottle provides easy dispensing and eliminates caking. Completely soluble, free-rinsing, and residue-free. Versatile formula removes a wide variety of tenacious contaminants.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Dri-Clean



neutrad cleanroom detergentNeutrad liquid detergent concentrate for hand scrubbing your labware. It offers high-performance cleaning with the safety of a near-neutral pH. Phosphate-free, totally rinsable, disposable straight to drain, Neutrad is the perfect replacement for old-fashioned caustic soap powders.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Neutrad




citrad decon labsCitrad citric acid-based detergent concentrate is ideal for removing salts, scale, and metal-oxide. Also used for metal brightening and pharmaceutical process equipment. Completely phosphate-free, totally free-rinsing and biodegradable.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Citrad



decon labs descal descalerDescal inorganic acid-based detergent and descaler concentrate for removing hard water mineral deposits, rust and crusty build up from labware, water baths and stills. Low-foaming formula allows it to be used for automatic washing applications.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Descal



decon labs no count radioactive decontaminantNo-Count surface cleanser is a convenient aerosol foam for removing radioactive contamination from benchtops, sinks, pipetters, gel boxes, shields and other hard surfaces. Just spray on, then wipe or rinse clean.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : No-Count

eliminase decontaminantEliminase is a non-toxic, ready-to-use solution for instantly removing RNase, DNase, unwanted DNA, and radioactive contamination from labware and equipment. Safe and effective. Eliminates need for autoclaving or using DEPC.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Eliminase




enzyte decon labsEnzyte medical enzyme cleaner is a multi-enzyme detergent concentrate formulated to be especially effective in the removal of proteins, blood, fatty tissues and other organic materials found on medical instruments and labware. Unique triple enzyme formula removes all bioburden and is safe on all instruments and scopes. Noncaustic, non-toxic and disposable straight to drain.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Enzyte



contrad nf dishwasher liquidContrad NF non-foaming super-concentrated liquid detergent is formulated for automatic labware washers. Phosphate-free, and totally residue-free rinsing, Contrad NF maximizes the efficiency of your labware machine.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Contrad NF




dri contrad glassware cleanerDri-Contrad powdered detergent supercharges your automatic labware washer. Nonfoaming, instantly soluble, rinsable, and chlorinated for biological control. Dri-Contrad is the only powder you need for your labware washer.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Dri-Contrad




contrad 100 decon labsContrad 100 is a low-foaming detergent designed for clean-in-place systems and other high-pressure spray applications, including automatic washers. Alkaline formulation is phosphate free, residue-free, and biodegradable.

Check out the manufacturer data sheet : Contrad-100




Specialty Cleanroom Cleaners

Part NumberDescriptionBottle SizeCase Qty
CC-1002Contrad 70, Liquid Detergent Concenterate, Zero Residue1 Liter12 Bottles
CC-1003Contrad 70, Liquid Detergent Concentrate, Zero Residue5 Liter4 Bottles
CC-2502Dri-Clean, Powdered Labware Detergent2 kg6 Packs
CC-3003Neutrad, Neutral Liquid Detergent950 ml12 Bottles
CC-3001Neutrad, Neutral Liquid Detergent5 Liters4 Bottles
CC-4401Citrad, Acid Cleaner and Detergent3.8 Liters4 Bottles
CC-4001DeScal, Descaler Concentrate1 Liters12 Bottles
CC-6518No-Count, Radioactive Decontaminant Spray18 oz12 Bottles
CC-1101Eliminase, RNase Decontaminant250 ml12 Bottles
CC-6002Contrad NF, Liquid Autowasher Detergent3.8 Liters4 Bottles
CC-6001Contrad NF, Liquid Autowasher Detergent10 Liters2 Bottles
CC-2002Dri-Contrad, Powdered Dishwasher Detergent2 kg6 Packs
CC-2005Dri-Contrad, Powdered Dishwasher Detergent5 kg4 Packs
CC-1504Contrad 100, Clean-In-Place Detergent3.8 Liters4 Bottles
CC-1503Contrad 100, Clean-In-Place Detergent20 LitersEach