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Sterile Clothing and Garments For Cleanroom Use

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image representing sterile clothing and garments for clean rooms

Sterile clothing and cleanroom garments are becoming a requirement in many different industries. Aseptic critical environments and clean rooms are increasing in popularity especially in pharmaceutical compounding and medical device manufacturing. Cleanroom Connection is the leading source for all styles of sterile clothing for all industries that utilize clean rooms. Sterilized garments are individually packaged and come with a certificate of sterility that is to be kept on file in your cleanroom. Most medical, pharmaceutical and related industries are already required to perform work in sterile critical environments.

Sterile Clothing vs Clean & Sterile Clothing

As a popular source for sterile clothing and aseptic cleanroom garments, Cleanroom Connection often finds that many cleanroom workers are not aware of the difference between cleanroom apparel that is simply sterile  and those garments which are “clean and sterile. Since the point of working in a clean room is to minimize any foreign particles from being present, it’s vital that you only wear sterile clothing that is labeled as “clean and sterile”, not simply sterile. Cleanroom apparel that is only sterile but not clean-processed will introduce particles into your clean room, albeit they will be sterile particles. Many cleanrooms are encountering particle issues and are confused since they are wearing all sterile apparel and using sterile cleaning supplies. The issue is they are not using “clean and sterile” cleanroom products. Proper sterile clothing and garment for cleanroom use will be specifically labeled as “clean and sterile”. An appropriate use for simply sterile clothing or sterile gloves would be when a nurse is working with a patient outside of a clean room.

Wearing The Correct Sterile Clothing Depends On Your Clean Room Class

Now that you understand the difference between sterile clothing and “clean and sterile” clothing, the next step is choosing the right products. Depending on your application, you will be working in a certain cleanroom class or cleanliness level. The most popular cleanroom class is ISO5 Class 100. This is what is considered a critical environment and what sterile compounding pharmacies use as well as medical device manufacturing, and other critical applications. Often times sterile cleanroom apparel like fully body suits, sterile gloves and hoods are required to ensure no exposed skin. Less strict more industrial clean rooms like bearing manufacturing or assembly clean rooms for less sensitive technologies often use ISO6-8 Class 1000 – 10,000 clean rooms. These are often non-sterile and require only a lab coat, shoe covers and other basic cleanroom apparel to cover the major exposed areas o the body like your torse and shoes.

Cleanroom Connection is the leading source and resource for sterile garment recommendations and helping customer understand and choose the right cleanroom supplies. Contact us to speak with one of our cleanroom experts and get guidance on choosing all of your sterile garments and related cleanroom supplies.


image representing sterile clothing and apparel for critical environment cleanrooms

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