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Sterile Compounding Clean Room Supplies From Cleanroom Connection

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image representing clean room apparel and cleaning supplies for sterile compounding pharmacies

Clean Room Supplies & Apparel for Sterile Compounding Pharmacies

Cleanroom Connection is an authorized master distributor for BioClean, one of the leading high-quality manufacturers of sterile compounding clean room supplies and protective apparel. USP 797 and USP 800 compliance has updated many of the gowning requirements, cleanliness needs and types of sterile compounding clean room supplies and apparel that must be used and worn. As the current trend towards completely sterile gowns and sterilized clean room apparel continues to grow, Cleanroom Connection remains the leading pharmacy cleanroom educated source for these cleanroom products. With over 12 years of working as a supplier to the sterile compounding clean room industry, Cleanroom Connection is happy to offer the complete BioClean line of clearoom supplies to their customers. Whether you are striving to be USP 797 compliant, USP 800 compliant or become a certified 503b compliant outsourcing facility, you will find all of the sterile apparel, sterile gloves and sterilized gowning products required in this Cleanroom Connection Catalog of BioClean Sterile Compounding Clean Room Supplies .

Sterile Coveralls & Apparel Made For Sterile Compounding

image representing sterile cleanroom gowning and cleanroom suppliesChoose from sterile coveralls, sterile masks, sterile sleeve protectors and other clean-processed apparel for your compounding pharmacy. Cleanroom Connection offers a hand-picked, thoroughly evaluated selection of sterile compounding pharmacy clean room supplies that are guaranteed by the manufacturers that made them. In order to be compliant with USP 797 and USP 800, as well as the rules and regulations for becoming 503b compliant, cleanroom suits, gloves and other apparel must be properly manufactured, tested and labeled. While there are many seemingly compliant products for sale on various websites, many pharmacists and techs soon find out once they are inspected or audited that the sterile compounding clean room supplies they use are not compliant.

Clean Room Trained Customer Service

What makes Cleanroom Connection and BioClean stand out from all other suppliers and manufacturers of sterile compounding clean room supplies is the fact that they specialize in working with the compounding pharmacy industry. Other companies may sell these products, however you will not get the answers you need regarding contact times with surfaces for sterile sporicidal cleansers, suggestions for proper full face sterile coverage or knowledgeable guidance on how to properly wipe down your hood when you are working with a clean room supplier that does not specialize in working with pharmacies.

Since the compounding industry is becoming so regulated, and making mistakes is not only costly to you but also potentially to your customers, it makes sense to work with a pharmacy cleanroom supplier that focuses on and specializes in working with sterile compounding clean room supplies.

Download Compounding Clean Room Supplies Catalog

Click here to download the BioClean Sterile Compounding Clean Room Supplies Catalog

To order or to request pricing or samples on any product found in this catalog, simply call (800)616-5319 or email Cleanroom Connection.

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