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Sterility Testing

Sterility Testing, Media Fill Tests, Agar Plates and Fingertip Tests

hardy diagnostics media fill kitsWe are an authorized distributor of sterility testing products from Hardy Dignostics. We also offer fingertip testing for your compounding pharmacy. We offer a large selection of agar plates, membrane filters, media fill tests, mycoplasma  and other sterility testing supplies.  We offer bottle media, dehydrated culture media as well as transfer pumps for your pharmacy.

Download and view our complete Hardy Diagnostics media fill test catalog.

Download and view our complete Hardy Diagnostics microbiology catalog.


Finger Tip Tests

agar plates pharmacy cleanroom hardy diagnostics

Finger Tip Tests are Petri dishes that contains a growth medium (typically agar plus nutrients). These agar plates are used to culture microorganisms that will grow into individual colonies. We stock blood agar plates, fluid thioglycollate plates as well as many other plates. View our catalog below.

 Check out our Hardy Diagnostics agar plates catalog.

Media Fill Tests

media fill test low medium high risk

Media fill tests allow you to easily access the risk of microbial contamination of your CSPs according to USP 797. We stock low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk media fill test kits from Hardy Diagnostics. One kid supplies what is needed to test the proficiency of one technician or pharmacist.

Check out our Hardy Diagnostics media fill test catalog.

Membrane Filters

membrane filters usp 797 hardy diagnostics

Membrane filters are polymer films that have a specific pore rating. Membrane filters retain particles and microorganisms that exceed their pore ratings and capture particles on the surface of the membrane. We stock a large selection of membrane filtration products from Hardy Diagnostics.

Check out our Hardy Diagnostics membrane filters catalog.

Contact Plates

contact plates for usp 797 testing hardy diagnostics

Contact plates are available irradiated or non-sterile. We stock agar contact plates, sabouraud agar with lecithin contact plates as well as many other related products. Our irradiated contact plates have molded gridlines, are validated for a SAL of 10-6 and arrive triple cleanroom bagged. Our contact plates have a hydrogen peroxide vapor barrier and come with a certificate of analysis. 180 day  shelf life from production date is standard.

Check out our Hardy Diagnostics contact plates catalog.

Media Bottles

pharmacy media glass jars and bottles

Pharmacy media bottles from Hardy Diagnostics includes 500ml heavy duty glass bottles to 59ml boston round glass bottles.  For antibiotic media we offer 500ml polycarbonate bottles. For Fluid D we offer 125ml, 250ml and 500ml boston, polycarbonate and wide mouth glass jars. We stock media jars for buffer 3, buffer 4, buffered sodium chloride peptones and more.

Check out our Hardy Diagnostics media bottles catalog.


mycoplasma products for pharmacies usp 797 usp800

Mycoplasma is available including Sp4 broth, sP4 broth with arginine, Sp4 broth with glucose and Sp4 broth with urea. We offer a large mycoplasma selection for your pharmacy for selective cultivation and differentiation of mycoplasma.

Check out our Hardy Diagnostics mycoplasma catalog.