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USP 800 Compliance Help With Cleanroom Supplies

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Cleanroom Connection Offers USP 800 Compliance Help

USP 800 compliance help is a new service offered by Cleanroom Connection. Becoming compliant with USP 800 in the near future is going to be a priority for hospitals, healthcare facilities and compounding pharmacies in the next year. Cleanroom Connection offers the proper cleanroom supplies and apparel for USP 800 compliance. We also offer on-site consulting, training as well as USP 800 compliant cleanroom design. Get the proper compliant PPE (personal protection equipment) including sterile chemo gloves, gowns, cleanroom suits, sterile chemo preparation mats among many other items. Contact us today and speak with our cleanroom supply experts to get your USP 800 compliance help. Our customer service team is available to help choose all of your cleanroom apparel, cleaning supplies and chemotherapy protection products.

USP 800 Compliance Help With PPE and Cleanroom Apparel

Cleanroom Connection stocks sterile chemo gowns and suits that are ASTM tested for chemotherapy permeation. This means that the product manufacturers have had independent labs use special testing methods to see if various chemotherapy drugs would permeate the items. If the apparel passes the test, they they are given ASTM  D6978-05 certification, therefore certifying that the apparel would be USP 800 compliant.  Our complete selection of sterile chemo gloves, chemo gowns, prep mats, chemo boot covers and other chemo-rated apparel all have the ASTM D6978-05 test results available for our customers to keep on file. Contact our USP 800 compliance help experts and consultants to get answers to your USP 800 questions about our cleanroom supplies.

My Hospital Needs USP 800 Compliance Help

Cleanroom Connection specializes in helping hospitals achieve USP 800 compliance. Our team of veteran pharmacist consultants have managed the nations leading hospital pharmacies including Duke University Medical Center, UNC Hospitals, Florida Hospitals among other cutting edge facilities. We offer on-site training of your cleanroom staff in the areas of cleaning, handling hazardous drugs, creation of standard operating procedures, mock-audits as well as a complete cleanroom supply stocking program. Cleanroom Connection offers wholesale pricing on all USP 800 compliance cleanroom supplies and lint-free cleanroom apparel to hospitals with pricing well below the popular GPO-contract prices. Contact our team of USP 800 compliance help for hospitals team today and get started on the path the success.

USP 800 Compliance Assistance For Compounding Pharmacies

Cleanroom Connection works with hospitals as well as independent pharmacies to obtain USP 800 compliance.  Our unbeatable personal, clean room-educated customer service along with wholesale pricing is a home-run for pharmacies looking for a one-stop source for complete USP 800 compliance help. We offer weekend customer service as well as after-hours customer service. With 15 years experience supplying clean rooms in hospitals amd healthcare,  you can trust Cleanroom Connection to be there for you. Contact us today at 800.616.5319 for your USP 800 compliance help.


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